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Prince Harrys hacking trial is ‘just the beginning of his revenge tour | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Prince Harry has just been urged to reconsider his ‘hate tour’ against Britian since Meghan Markle “is more than capable of looking after herself.”

Royal commentator and expert Angela Levin issued these claims and accusations against Prince Harry.

According to News.com.au she started by saying, “Chelsy is now married with a child.”

“I don’t know if he warned her about the case, but she might have been embarrassed to learn that her name was mentioned no fewer than 55 times in his High Court witness statement.”

“Towards the end of the third day Harry let slip that his wife Meghan Markle – who, for the record, he only mentioned five times – was the real reason for the lawsuit.”

“He told the High Court he launched legal proceedings against MGN to ‘stop the abuse, intrusion and hate’ directed at he and his wife.”

So, its safe to assume “This court appearance is just the beginning of his c in the eyes of Ms Elser.

Because “Surely he realises after five years of marriage that Meghan is more than capable of looking after herself.”


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