Prisma Finance hacker demands apology after $11m breach | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

The white-hat hacker behind the Prisma Finance exploit requested a press conference, confirming their identities.

This request came after the hacker was criticized for sending 1,840 ETH (approximately $6.5 million) through Tornado Cash. This tactic is usually used in malicious attacks rather than white-hat operations. 

Despite using Tornado Cash to launder the funds, the individual insisted their actions were meant to expose vulnerabilities, challenging Prisma Finance’s team to acknowledge their oversight publicly.

In his latest on-chain message today, the hacker asked the Prisma Finance team to show their real identities in a live online conference and “send apologies” to users and investors.

On-chain message from the hacker | Source: Etherscan

The hacker also insisted on Prisma Finance admitting no fault on his part and called for changes to accusatory language in their communications within 12 hours.

While the platform has been constantly trying to negotiate the return of the stolen funds, the hacker mentioned that all negotiations would only happen after the online conference. 

Stablecoin protocol Prisma Finance was breached earlier this week, causing the platform to lose almost $11.6 million. The attacker received funds from FixedFloat and quickly deployed a malicious contract to initiate the breach. 

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