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Katten’s Privacy, Data and Cybersecurity Quick Clicks is a monthly newsletter highlighting the latest news and legal developments involving privacy, data and cybersecurity issues across the globe.

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New Hampshire Enacts a Comprehensive Privacy Law

By Trisha Sircar

On March 6, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu signed Senate Bill 255 into law, joining the state with others like California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Montana, New Jersey, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia in enacting a comprehensive state data privacy law. The New Hampshire law provides consumers with several consumer rights that are synonymous with other state privacy laws. Read more about the law’s applicability, exemptions and enforcement here.

EU Leading the Way With Passing of the Artificial Intelligence Act

By Sarah Simpson

As if implementing rules to make USB-C ports mandatory for electronic devices was not enough, the European Union approved on March 13 the world’s first major set of legislation to regulate the use of artificial intelligence (AI), the EU AI Act, which sets the global standard for AI regulations with uncertainties around the US federal bill and the UK AI (Regulation) Bill in its second reading. Read more about the Act’s scope and requirements related to risk management systems and more.

UK Law Commission Publishes Draft Digital Assets Bill and Call for Evidence on Digital Assets in Private International Law

By Christopher Collins, Carolyn Jackson, Nathaniel Lalone, Ciara McBrien, Sara Portillo and Neil Robson

On February 22, the UK Law Commission (Commission) published a consultation related to its draft Digital Assets Bill, including two key clauses confirming that digital assets are capable of being recognized as personal property under English law. Separately, the Commission also issued a call for evidence to examine the appropriate courts and law under which parties should litigate when dealing with international digital assets disputes. Read more about the draft bill and call for evidence here.

International Retail Platforms – Geo-Personalization, A Double-Edged Sword?

By Sarah Simpson

In the age of global consumerism, international retail brands often have different websites and functionalities tailored to customers according to where they are located around the world. Whilst this is great for customers, this can increase the risk of their trademarks being infringed. In an eagerly anticipated ruling, the Supreme Court has upheld injunctions against the sale of “Beverly Hills Polo Club” branded goods by Amazon in the United Kingdom and the European Union. Read more about the Supreme Court’s decision here.


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