Privacy issues raised: Microsoft Windows 10 can be spying on you

Microsoft has been a company which has been in the news off late.

The company has been making major breakthroughs in the world of software technology and operating systems as the arrival of Windows 10 has changed the future and the decade to come has been all set and sorted by Microsoft.

The company has been working in the direction of development of the whole Windows as a single product family, and they have been working on the lines of ‘One Device’ where all their devices will run under just one single interface which will offer a cross platform similarity.

The experience that a user obtains while using the PC will be the same as when he will be using a windows based surface pro device, or while using a windows 10 mobile OS based Lumia phone.

A similar experience will be observed when one uses the XBOX One with Windows 10 compatibility.

Microsoft has managed to convert over 14 million people in just 24 hours with the Windows 10, and has however managed to land in a controversy that has been surrounding the OS, as the windows 10 comes with several privacy concerns to users, and it has been a common word around the town that Windows 10 is ‘spying’ on you. Here’s how to protect yourself from the prying eyes of Windows 10, and following are the three areas you need to take care of:

1. Cortana: Cortana is one of the most talked about features of the Windows 10 OS. The company had been touting Cortana as one of the most important features of the OS.

However, what you might not be aware of is the fact that Cortana has all your information as well! All your queries with cortana are synced across to various devices where your Microsoft account is signed in! Heck, Cortana even has your voice stored with it!

2. WiFi Sense: This feature lets you share access to your trusted WiFi networks with contacts from Facebook, Outlook or Skype.

The program doesn’t show other people your password, but they are still a part of your network and then there are bound to be security issues!

3. General Settings: You can however change all the privacy information that you are sharing out with friends with the help of the ‘general settings’ in the settings under the privacy menu.

Most of the essential privacy services are here, there is a list of 12 other settings that you can change to protect your privacy.


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