Pro-ISIS #Group Takes #Responsibility For #Hacking 800 U.S. #School #Websites

The FBI is investigating the source of a hack that left school websites across the country linked to Islamic State propaganda.

The federal agency is currently looking into the incident after up to 800 schools reported their websites being re-directed to a pro-ISIS webpage earlier this week.

The page included an image of the ISIS flag, an audio message in Arabic, a picture of Saddam Hussein, and was up for several hours before being taken down.

Authorities claim all affected websites are hosted by the company School Desk.

Technicians discovered a small file placed into the root of one of the company’s websites, which caused the re-direction.

Pro-ISIS hacking group — Team System DZ — has taken responsibility for the hack.

Meanwhile, many of the schools have increased police presence on campus following the incident.

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