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Google’s child safety policy strategist, Kate S has landed in trouble, after her old tweet/post resurfaced. An old tweet/post on X, formerly Twitter, from the Google employee, who is responsible for moderation, specifically child-safety on its platforms has now garnered some traction, as it has gone viral.

Kate S, who claims to have been academic involved in the area of child-safety policy in one of her tweets, said, “do not be swayed by karens and their crocodile imperial feminism against rape. it plays right into long tradition of yt women weaponizing femininity/motherhood to discipline/punish men of color Emmett Till, Vincent Chen, Rassenschande — all in the name of white sexuality”

Here is a screengrab of reactions to her post |

Recent reactions to this nearly four month old tweet have expressed disdain and dismay over the remarks and their ostensibly offensive and problematic nature.

Further, Kate S added, “as feminists we should care abt mothers giving birth w/o medical aid, girls too malnourished for puberty, women w/o menstruation pads AND fathers uncles sons who are caretaking their communities feminism is #ceasefireNOW, #freePalestine next, and anti-militarism 5ever”

These comments, were apparently made in the light of the Israeli offensive in Gaza, that were, and still are going on.

Some X users, while commenting/replying to the post, even raised questions on the rectitude of Kate S serving at the helm of such a crucial department.

Kate S has been a part of the California-based tech-giant since 2021.

Kate S, according to online credentials, claims to be graduate in Studies of Women, Gender, sexuality and social studies from Harvard University. In addition, she also claims to have a Masters and a PhD from Oxford University.

Published on: Thursday, April 18, 2024, 11:18 AM IST


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