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Pro-Ukraine hackers bring Russian banking system to its knees | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

According to a report, a group of hackers supporting Ukraine has successfully brought down several Russian websites and displayed banners expressing their endorsement of Kyiv’s counteroffensive operation.

One of the targeted sites was Infotel JVC, a Moscow-based banking service and internet service provider.

Russia’s banking system comes to a screeching halt
Infotel JVC is responsible for facilitating communication between the Central Bank of Russia and various legal entities such as banks, online stores, and credit institutions.

Russia: The entire banking system is at a standstill nationwide because the ISP used for banking communication with the Russian Central Bank is down. Infotel, the ISP, is suspected to have been hacked by a pro-Ukraine group. Sberbank’s online services also down. pic.twitter.com/OFjmW8zjLl

— Igor Sushko (@igorsushko) June 9, 2023

As a result of the hacking, major banks and credit institutions in Russia lost access to their banking systems, rendering them unable to process payments.

The pro-Ukraine hackers targeted a total of 15 Russian websites, including Infotel JVC, where they posted banners showing solidarity with Ukraine’s counteroffensive.

The banner displayed on the hacked websites conveyed support for the counteroffensive and referenced the Patriarch of Moscow Kirill’s Metochion, urging the Armed Forces of Ukraine to carry out the operation.

“Courage and Salvation”
The banner also included a prayer for God’s intervention and protection against the enemies. Additionally, the hackers referenced Moses’ words about courage and salvation, emphasizing the need for divine assistance in the face of the ongoing conflict.

The banner concluded with the phrase “Glory to Ukraine!”

This recent hacking incident occurred less than a month after another group of hackers took control of the official website of Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill’s residence in Peredelkino.

Similar to the recent incident, the hackers used the compromised platform to convey messages supporting Ukraine’s counteroffensive.

Ukraine’s counteroffensive
NBC News reported that Ukraine’s military is believed to have initiated its highly anticipated counteroffensive against Russian troops.

The attacks reportedly focused on the southeastern front lines, as confirmed by a senior officer and a soldier near the combat zones. It’s important to note that Ukraine has consistently stated its intention not to publicly announce the commencement of its counter-offensive.

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