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 Asia TV Forum 2023


Dirty Linen (thriller)
After her mother’s sudden death at the hands of the influential Fieros family, criminology undergrad Alexa moves to the town of El Hambra and takes on a new identity as a maid named Mila in order to infiltrate the Fiero household, uncover their darkest secrets, and seize the long-awaited opportunity to serve justice on a shiny, cold platter. However, Alexa soon hits a roadblock: Aidan, the troubled Fiero golden son, who she becomes drawn to.

Deceit (drama)
As a former boxer turned seaman, Victor knows how to overcome obstacles and persevere through tough times. But when he discovers a message to his wife Juliana from an unknown man, he’s faced with an unexpected challenge. The more he discovers about his wife, he is forced to confront his own demons and shortcomings, questioning his worth as a husband and a man.

Senior High (drama)
After the death of her grandmother, Sky reunites her with her mother Tania and her twin Luna. Sky is set to enter the same prestigious high school as Luna. One night, Luna jumps from the top of the school and dies. Investigations conclude it was a suicide, but Sky will not stop until she uncovers the truth behind her sister’s death.

Can’t Buy Me Love (drama, romance)
One day, hardworking Bingo chances upon Caroline, a young lady about to be abducted. To save her, he offers the kidnapper all his savings. Caroline, despite being the youngest daughter of the moneyed Tiu clan, cannot easily repay him for personal reasons. The two clash due to their starkly different backgrounds. As they learn about each other, they soon realize they value the same things: loyal friendships, a close-knit family, and genuine love.

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Tel: +63 (2) 8 924 1506
Address: ELJCC Bldg Mother Ignacia Avenue South Triangle Diliman, Quezon City Metro Manila, Philippines


Safir (drama) (pictured)
In the Gülsoy family mansion, housekeeper Feraye falls for Yaman, one of the family’s heirs. However, Yaman must wed Aleyna. Ateş, the eldest child, saves Feraye from heartbreak and falls in love with her.

Street Birds (drama)
Five friends find an abandoned baby in a trash bin and decide to take care of baby Gülayşe. The five friends accidentally wound a bad guy named Çatal, then (also accidentally) kill a woman who was looking for the baby. Time goes by and the five friends are now adults, but everything will fall apart once the policeman Barbaros comes to find Gülayşe.

A Little Sunshine (drama)
Hakan and Elif were a happy couple until Hakan got into an accident that unearthed a slew of lies. Elif will take Güneş under her wing with the support of Fırat, and their story will begin.

The Father (drama)
Cezayir Türk, a secret service assassin, fakes his own death for the sake of his family and the government. He starts a new life, but everything starts to fall apart when he is forced to return to Istanbul.

For My Family (drama)
Kadir and his three younger siblings face the sudden death of their parents. Despite poverty and homelessness, they stick together through it all.

The Ottoman (drama)
When Ertugrul Gazi fell ill, the Kayı tribe was forced to contend with outside enemies, and power struggles began between the youngest son of Ertugrul Ghazi, Osman, and his uncles, Dündar and Gündüz. The brave Osman will fight to defeat his enemies and empower the Kayı tribe in Anatolia.

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Tel: +90 212 354 37 01
Address: Merkezi Güzeltepe Mh. 15 Temmuz Şehitler Cd. 34060 Eyüpsultan, Istanbul, Turkey



The Great Wall with Ash Dykes (travel series) (pictured)
As one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Wall of China has been explored, studied, and documented countless times. Explorer and adventurer Ash Dykes embarks on his greatest journey yet: discovering the Great Wall of China by traversing six distinct landscapes and uncovering the wondrous secrets of this majestic wonder.

Chefs Uncut (documentary series)
Viewers go on a visually stunning journey through the culinary lives of six prominent Asian chefs, highlighting the creativity, passion, and dedication to their art, in an uncensored, authentic style.

The League of Extraordinary Animals (natural history, wildlife)
Looks at the most amazing animals, their incredible behaviours, and remarkable physical features. In each themed episode, viewers get a close look at the most extraordinary animals across different categories of nature, as we organize the animal kingdom into different behaviours, body parts, survival tactics, colours, habitats, and animal types.

Tokyo Stories (arts and performance)
Experience the captivating energy and creative spirit of Tokyo through 400 years of dynamic art in this thrilling exhibition and film journey. Based on a major exhibition at the Ashmolean in Oxford, Tokyo Stories spans 400 years of incredibly dynamic art – ranging from the delicate woodblock prints of Hokusai and Hiroshige, to Pop Art posters, contemporary photography, Manga, film, and brand-new artworks that were created on the streets.

A Game of Secrets (sports documentary)
A Game of Secrets documents an extraordinary attempt to expose the glaring hypocrisy and greed inside the football business. An anonymous website called Football Leaks appears out of nowhere in 2015, and over the next three years, the extremely profitable and highly questionable methods of football’s superstars and middlemen uncovered by Football Leaks make global headlines.

CubeMelt (kids, animation)
CubeMelt follows the daily misadventures of an optimistic little ice cube as he strives to live his best life while trying his darndest to avoid melting! This fun-filled 2-D animation series without dialogue centers on CubeMelt’s everyday life in a neighbourhood filled with unique characters. Each day CubeMelt is excited to climb out of his ice cube tray and experience life outside his fridge home – despite knowing he won’t last long.

Shimajiro 3D (kids, animation)
This fun, colorful, and educational children’s animation follows the adventures of a curious and playful little tiger named Shimajiro, along with his animal friends and family, in a vibrant and imaginative world. Each episode is filled with fun and educational themes that aim to entertain and educate young viewers.

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Tel: +65 6224 4211
Address: 39 Smith Street #03-01


The Missing Husband (drama, mystery) (pictured)
A man becomes a victim of a pyramid scam and goes missing. His wife searches for him and discovers that he vanished on purpose.

Love Before Sunrise
Ex-lovers accidentally meet again after several years. They give in to rekindled feelings and choose to continue their forbidden love.

Royal Blood (drama, crime, thriller)
An illegitimate son reunites with his business tycoon father. Things get complicated when his father is murdered, and he becomes the primary suspect.

Voltes V: Legacy (adventure, drama, action)
Five young pilots battle against the Boazanian empire, uniting in their giant robot to protect Earth.

The Write One (drama, fantasy, romance)
Using a magical typewriter, struggling writer Liam reimagines his life, where choices and fate intertwine, questioning destiny’s role in true love’s path.

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Tel: (632) 8982-7777.
Address: GMA Network Center EDSA corner Timog Avenue  Diliman Quezon City 1102 Metro Manila Philippines


Blue Cage (drama) (pictured)
Following his wife’s untimely death, Ali saves a woman who is out on a raft during a storm. He brings the woman, Defne, who is suffering from amnesia, to the boutique hotel where he lives with his children and father-in-law. Her memories slowly resurface as she grows closer to Ali, and Defne recalls that she is in fact a swindler. It is then that she comes face to face with Ozan, a man from her past, and a love triangle is born.

The Ivy (drama, crime, mystery)
In a single housing complex live several people holding tight to their secrets. Is Ezgi’s marriage to Kerem as perfect as it seems? Or is he trying to have her killed? And most importantly, who killed Arzu? Happy marriages will be destroyed. Close friends will become enemies. And secret affairs will come to light in this dramatic mystery.

Poison Ivy (drama)
When Macide, who hails from a poor family, falls in love with Kazım Işık, a successful married businessman, she’s thrilled to learn that he loves her back. But will he be able to protect her from the cruelty of the people in the rich and powerful life that he created for himself? And will Macide be able to preserve the purity, innocence, and sensitivity she had when she first met Kazım?

The Trusted (drama)
Ex-solder Marashli left the special forces to open a bookstore and spend time with his sick daughter. His life changes when the beautiful Mahur Turel walks into his shop. Mahur is saved by Marashli that day when she gets herself into trouble. From now on, these two characters’ destiny will be interwoven irrevocably.

Tuzak (drama)
Siblings Mahir, Umut, and Umay realize that they don’t share the bond they thought they had, while siblings Güneş, Güven, and Mete have spent their lives believing that their father’s approval and their comfortable lives were more important than each other. As Umut tries to get revenge against the family he hates, he confronts an even bigger conflict thanks to Güneş, whom he believes to be the love of his life. But Güneş doesn’t even know Umut’s real identity. She thinks he’s a lawyer named Çınar Yılmaz. But she will entrust her future — as well as that of her family — to this man that she falls in love with.

Hamlet (drama)
This unforgettable tale revolves around Shakespeare’s eternal drama Hamlet, however, in this story, Hamlet is a woman. The night 81 horses are mass buried in Istanbul Buyukada, the largest of the Prince’s island, Ahmet, the owner of the horses, is murdered. The killer is Ahmet’s brother Kadir killed him to keep Ahmet’s money for himself. Ahmet’s daughter Hazar prepares a revenge plan to reveal his father’s real murderer and acts ‘insane’ for her plan. Reality and dreams are mixed in ambiguity, but reality and the murderer will be revealed.

Interrupted (dark comedy, drama)
After an unfortunate traffic accident, Ozan will come back to life to find answers to his mysterious death – except he will not be back in his own body. When Ozan uses his chance to come back to life, he’ll find himself in Kadir’s body. Meanwhile Ozan’s girlfriend Elif will be after the people who took Ozan’s life. In Kadir’s body, Ozan, tries to unveil the mystery of his death together with Elif.

Contact: [email protected]
Tel: +90 212 231 01 02
Address: Istanbloom Offices, Kore Sehitleri Caddesi 16/1 Zincirlikuyu, 34394 Istanbul, Turkey


A Father’s Promise (premium drama) (pictured)
Set in 1980, this drama tells the story of Mustafa, a struggling factory worker, who’s desperately trying to earn enough money for a crucial operation that his wife needs. After being rejected by his boss, Mustafa flees to avoid arrest, and leaves his daughter, Cemre, in an orphanage. She is later adopted by the wealthy Rona family. When Mustafa returns, a kindly housekeeper in the Rona household helps him get close to his daughter, and a romance blossoms between them. But when they uncover the family’s sinister intentions towards Cemre, will they be able to save her?

Daylight (premium drama)
Gece’s big plans of playing music with her boyfriend Emir all summer long are dashed when her parents abruptly decide to move the family to Foça due to her sister Gülce’s struggles with Asperger’s Syndrome. But in Foça, she meets and quickly bonds with Özgür, a surf club instructor who is devoted to his brother Rüzgar, who also has Asperger’s. When Emir unexpectedly arrives in town, Gece is torn between him and Özgür. Whom will she choose?

Farewell Letter (premium drama)
Aslı is headed to the prestigious Sorbonne in France, while Mehmet is all set to marry Hatice, even though he thinks of her as more like a sister than a lover, when they meet and feel an instant connection. What they’re unaware of is that the roots of their intense emotions trace back 30 years to a time when Ziya, Mehmet’s father, disappeared right before his wedding to Alanur, Aslı’s mother, and left her heartbroken and alone.

Three Sisters (premium drama)
Sisters Türkan, Dönüş, and Derya grew up in a close-knit family, their dreams intertwined with those of their parents, Sadık and Nesrin, who painted a picture of a radiant future for their beloved girls. But they soon learn that their idyllic upbringing in Ayvalık did little to prepare them for the harsh realities of adulthood.

That Girl (premium drama)
Young Zeynep dreams of becoming a social media influencer. Instead, she spends her days caring for her father, Kadir, who looks like an adult but is mentally and emotionally a young child. When she takes a job as a housecleaner at the home of Ozan, an influencer, Zeynep is immediately drawn to his lifestyle, and aspires to emulate his success. But she soon crosses paths with Sitare, a formidable businesswoman who commands a roster of social media influencers, and is also romantically involved with Ozan. Will Zeynep ever live her dreams? 

Love and Hope (soap opera)
This sweeping soap delves into generational conflicts, shattered families, and domestic strife, and weaves together threads of love and ambition. Characters include small town girl Zeynep, who heads to the big city for the first time and learns that her estranged father lives there, and Elif, who pursues vengeance by seeking to capture the heart of Kuzey, Handan’s beau. 

Contact: [email protected]
Tel: +0 212 000 00 00
Address: Demirören TV Radyo Yayıncılık Yapımcılık A.Ş. 100 Mahallesi, 2264. Sokak, Demirören Medya Center Apt. No: 1/21
34218 Bağcılar, İstanbul, Turkey


Academy Award Winning Collection (collection)
Spotlights five titles ranging from 1962 to 1997, including multiple Academy Award winners. The collection features Dangerous Moves, Black and White in Color, One Day in September, Sky Above, Mud Below, and The Long Way Home.

True Crime Collection (collection)
Highlights over 300 hours of true crime content featuring recognizable talent to captivate audiences with tales of intrigue and suspense! Titles include Death of a Cheerleader (4K), Stalking Laura (4K), Gone in the Night (4K), and Murder Without Motive.

Devilsdorp (documentary)
This is a true-crime docuseries about a satan-influenced South African murder spree and the investigation into the “cult of killers” that committed the acts.

Desert Rose (thriller)
A family thriller about the Greyling siblings who reunite at their family home in the Namaqualand desert after one of them reneges on a decade-long deal to settle their father’s family debts.

Wounded Land (4K) (documentary)
Newly released documentary on Ukraine’s wine-making regions suddenly shifts when Russia escalates a war against Ukraine. These are the stories of the diligent people who remain engaged in continuing in business.

TheArchive (channel) (pictured)
TheArchive is a channel dedicated to aficionados and lovers of story, craft and silver screen fun, representing rare, retro and 4K restored films and classic tv.  From cult movies to timeless series, a killer horror library to unearthed MOWs, TheArchive is available on both linear and VOD on any device worldwide.

TheGrapevine (channel)
TheGrapevine channel will enlighten, touch and inspire with true stories, interviews, Oscar winning documentaries, music and reality programming. Topics from food to travel, politics to religion, pop culture to crime or current events and social issues are just a glimpse of what you’ll find on the TheGrapevine!

Contact: [email protected]
Tel: (310) 693-8818
Address: 10801 National Blvd., Suite 603, Los Angeles, CA 90064 /



Moses and the Ten Commandments (Biblical telenovela)
The telenovela depicts the life of Moses, from his birth until his death, highlighting his encounter with God on Mount Sinai, the plagues thrown over Egypt, and more.

The Slave Isaura (period telenovela) (pictured)
Based on the 1875 novel by Bernardo Guimarães, the telenovela portrays a beautiful love story. Isaura is the daughter of the slave Juliana and the farm manager, Despite her excellent education and fair skin, Isaura is a slave to the Commander, and in the midst of suffering for her freedom, strives for love.

Jesus (Biblical telenovela)
Tells a fascinating story about the trajectory of the man who changed humanity. The telenovela shares little-known passages and deepens the stories of the people who were touched by the words of Jesus.

Genesis (Biblical telenovela)
This story of the first 2,300 years of humanity begins by giving a greater understanding of why we exist and how we turned from perfection to imperfection, when one human being who only knew good also chose to know evil.

The Rich and Lazarus (Biblical telenovela)
Zach and Asher are born with the same opportunities, and they die on the same day. One of them goes to hell, and the other to heaven. Which one of them will be thrown in a place of torment and which will be taken to a place of peace after death?

Kings (Biblical telenovela)
Tells the story of Israel, from the time that the prophet Samuel led God’s people up to the fall of Jerusalem caused by the armies of Babylon. The telenovela shares stories of the major kings of Israel and explores the books of Psalms, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes.

Topíssima (telenovela)
Sheds light on the conflicts of modern women: work versus love life; independence versus loneliness; motherhood versus career; aging versus aesthetics; illegality of abortion versus death, among others. The series also features a police investigation full of twists and turns.

Contact: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Tel: +55 11 3300-4022
Address: 240, Varzea Street, Barra Funda 01140-901 – São Paulo-SP, Brazil


SPI International, a CANAL+ company is a global media company operating TV channels, multiple digital products across six continents, and is a major player in content distribution and broadcasting worldwide. SPI Group owns a suite of legacy brands that have become household names, such as FilmBox, Film1, Kino Polska, Stopklatka, and Dizi, as well as different thematic channels and streaming services, including FilmBox+. Working with over 700 operators worldwide, SPI uses cutting-edge technology providing its subscribers with access to SPI’s linear and on-demand content. SPI International is also a leading distributor of theatrical films and television programming worldwide. SPI’s solid alliances with major independent producers provide premium content with A-list stars such as Morgan Freeman, Al Pacino, and Bruce Willis. SPI’s catalogue presents a wide range of more than 3,000 titles, consisting of a package of 100 family-oriented movies, exciting new releases as well as evergreen library feature films and TV series. The highlights from SPI’s catalogue include: Arthur’s Whiskey, Run Rabbit Run (pictured), Corner Office, Lamborghini: The Man Behind The Legend, Banshee, Silent Night, Best Sellers, The Bricklayer, Memory, The Chase, Book Of Love and Nitram.

Contact: [email protected]


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