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Cell Phone Hacking Tool - Custom Programmed For You

National Cyber Security offers the best cell phone and computer hacking tool on the market. Get assess to iPhones, Androids phones and Windows and Mac computers.

The O.MG Cable is a hand made USB cable with an advanced implant hidden inside. It is designed to allow your Red Team to emulate attack scenarios of sophisticated adversaries.  These cables will allow you to test new detection opportunities for your defense teams. They are also extremely impactful tools for teaching and training.

Seeing Is Believing

Customize For You

National Cyber Security will customize your O.MG cable for those you do not know how to program in the DuckyScript language.  When you receive your O.MG cable it will be ready to do, with the features  you


        •              WebUI over WiFi – Control everything remotely with a web browser. Desktop or mobile.


        •              Keystroke Injection – Instant DuckyScript payloads. No compiling, just click run!


        •        8… or 200 Payload slots – Basic model comes with 8 slots. Plus & Elite have extra storage allowing up to 200 slots!


        •     Global Keymaps – With 192 keymaps already built in, you can target machines across the world.


        •       Built in IDE – The WebUI not only provides 100% of the controls, but also gives you helpful feedback to catch syntax errors while rapidly building payloads.


        •        Mobile Payloads – Cables with a USB-C active end, or Directional C to C, can automatically transmit to mobile devices with a USB-C connector. Connect just the active end!


        •       Stealth – The implant stays dormant until a payload is deployed, behaving just like a normal USB 2.0 cable.


        •         Hardware Keylogger – Contain a passive hardware keylogger designed for FullSpeed USB keyboards with detachable cables. Store up to 650,000 keystrokes.


        • Covert Exfil – Elite models: send data from the host back into the O.MG Cable over a covert channel.


        •       Air Gap Host Comms – Elite models: setup a bidirectional tunnel from Target Host > O.MG > Control Machine


        •        Networked C2 – Elite models: Manage your O.MG Cables with a network attached C2 server.


        •     Self-Destruct – Make your legal team happy by ensuring sensitive loot is gone, and the O.MG Cable is fully inert. (recoverable with O.MG Programmer)


        •     Geo-Fencing – Trigger payloads or other actions based on location. Ex: self-destruct if someone takes the O.MG Cable out of scope.


        •    WiFi Triggers – Trigger payloads at long range with a single beacon.


Get Yours Today For Just $299.00!


National Cyber Security