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(844) 627-8267 | Info@NationalCyberSecurity

Discovering Computers

National Cyber Security Training Academy



This Course Is Part Of The “Second Chances” And Social Program.

Students are guided through the latest trends in computer concepts and technology in an exciting and easy-to-follow format. It is design to teach those people who do not know anything about computers.  

Course Curriculum

  • Learning Computers Basics For Beginners – Part 1

  • Learning Computers Basics For Beginners – Part 2

  • How The Internet Works
  • The Internet
  • Networking For Beginners
  • Computers and Mobile Devices
  • Programs and Apps
  • Why Common Sense Is The Best Security
  • Digital Safety and Security
  • Understanding Malware And Viruses
  • How You Should Use Passwords
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