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Law Enforcement – Cyber Crime Training




Law Enforcement Agents receive training every year from other law enforcement officers and outside consultants. In our technology driven world, technology is ever-changing and therefore is the driving force of the content of this course. For this, reason our course offers the most up to date information based on current cyber-crime and high-tech activity.

The cases used in this course are based on crimes that include Cyber Blackmail, Cyber Extortion, Cyber Bullying, Hacking, Sextortion, Identity Theft, Cyber Fraud, Online Dating Fraud and other types of cyber-crime. This course has been used in training Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement such as FBI, DEA, ATF, IRS, US Marshals, US Air Marshals, Homeland Security, Inspector General’s Office to just name a few. 

This course educates law enforcement officers on how to think like hackers as well as how to identify the tools that hackers use to commit attacks.

Things Law Enforcement Can’t Do That Others Can:

  • Law Enforcement and Personal Social Media Accounts
  • What Your Family Members Can Do That Can Get You in Trouble
  • Rules to Dating Online
  • Buying Homes and Cars in Your Name

Website Intelligence: 

  • Learn How to Use and Configure the Web Data Extractor Tool
  • Learn How to Extract Phone Numbers From a Target Website
  • Learn How to Extract Fax Numbers From a Target Website
  • Learn How to Extract Email Addresses From a Target Website
  • Learn How to Find Every URL on a Target Website
  • How to Get Usernames From a Website Without Hacking
  • How to Get Passwords From a Website Without Hacking
  • How to Get Email Lists/Addresses From a Website Without Hacking
  • How to Get Sensitive Documents From a Website Without Hacking
  • How to Get Financial Information From a Website Without Hacking
  • Find a Websites vulnerabilities
  • Monitor Any Website
  • How to Bypass the Google Custom Search Filter to Access all of Google’s Databases
  • How to Search all of Google at Once for Vulnerabilities
  • How to Search Specific Websites for Vulnerabilities
  • How to Add a Proxy to Hide Where Your Searches Originate From
  • How to Determine if There are Any Hidden or Restricted URLs in a Website
  • How to Scan Files You Have Downloaded for Personally Identifiable Information Such as Credit Card Numbers, Social Security Numbers, and Patient Records
  • How to Use Google to Scan for Websites With Open Ports
  • How to Use “NotInMyBackyard” to See if Someone’s Name, Username, Social Security Number, or Any Other Personally Identifiable Information Has Been Posted on a Public Website or Into Cloud Storage
  • How to Look for a Malicious Executable File in Websites
  • Learn How to Find the List of IPs That a Target Website is Using
  • Learn How and Why to Use the Wayback Machine to View Old Copies of a Website
  • Use the Netcraft Tool to Find all URLs in a Target Website and What Operating Systems the Website Uses
  • How to Discover Which of Your Devices are Connected to the Internet, Where they are Located and Who is Using Them
  • Keep Track of all the Computers on Your Network That are Directly Accessible From the Internet
  • Learn How to Understand a Targets Digital Footprint
  • Learn How to Find Every URL on a Target Website
  • Learn How to Mirror a Website
  • Learn How to Configure the Settings for Maximum Data Gathering
  • Learn What you Can do With a Mirrored Website
  • How to Find Almost Anyone in the World Online
  • How to Build Fake Profiles to Create a New Social Media Profile or Cyber Space Identity
  • How to Create Sock Puppets/Fake Accounts
  • How to Tell the Difference Between Real News and Fake News
  • How People Create Fake News

How to Track Cyber Criminal?


  • How to Track an Email Legally Without a Subpoena
  • How to Spoof Emails Without Any Special Software
  • How to Track a Cyber-Criminal Via Skype

The Inside Man:

  • How to Profile an Employee of a Company who is Stealing Information
  • How to Tell if a Crime is an Inside Job

Hacker for Hire Service:

  • What Are the Top 5 Hacker for Hire Requests From Consumers and Businesses
  • Who is Requesting the Most Services
  • The Top 5 countries That are Hiring Hacker for Hire Services
  • Why Should Law Enforcement Team Up With Hacker for Hire Service

Telephone Spoofing:

  • How Criminals Spoof Telephone Numbers
  • How Criminals Make Untraceable Telephone Calls
  • Identifying Telephone-Spoofing Companies and Which Ones are Law Enforcement Friendly
  • What Law Enforcement Needs to Know About Issuing a Subpoena to a Spoofing Company

Online Sex Trafficking:

  • The Booming Industry of Sex Trafficking Via the Internet
  • How International Agreements Address the Problem and Fail to Go Far Enough 
  • Investigating Sex Trafficking on Facebook
  • Sextortion 

Hacking Hospitals and Health Care Facilities:

  • Learning the Mistakes Hospital Executives Make
  • Protection From Hacking and Ransomware
  • Choosing the Right IT Professionals
  • How you Can Tell in 15 Minutes if Your Organization Can be Hacked
  • Verifying in 15 Minutes That Your Organization is HIPPA Compliant
  • What Damage Can Hackers or Cyber Terrorist Do to Your Organization

Cyber Awareness For C-Level Executives (CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s..):

  • The Mistakes Every Boss Makes
  • What Your IT Department Will Never Tell You
  • The Top 10 Things that Proves if You and/or Your Organization is Hacker Proof


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