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Why Cyber Crime Pays:?
  • Cyber Crime Generates 5 Times More Money Than All Drug Trafficking In The World
  • Every 6 Seconds a Personal Computer Is Hacked Into
  • Over 30,000 Websites Get Hacked A Day, According To Forbes.Com
  • Over 1,500,000 New Small Businesses Are Started Each Year In The United States
  • Each Of Those Small Businesses Have A Website
  • How many friends and family members do you know that have their own small business? You can become a consultant to all small businesses.

Today, every major University, community college, and trade school offers some type of cybercrime training as a degree or certificate. What is not taught is what to do with your newfound degree or certification, besides working for someone else.

It Does Not Matter if You are an IT or Cyber Security Expert Already, this Course Will Help You to Further Your Career.

  • If You are Tired of Working for Someone Else…
  • If You Enjoy Learning New Innovative Ways to Secure the Networks that You Already Protect…
  • If You Want to Find the Easiest Ways To Get New Customers…
  • If You Want to Get Your Company to Do Business in Foreign Countries…

What You Will Learn

  • The A, B, C’s of Cyber Security. 
  • The Difference Between Hackers And Cyber Security Professionals. 
  • Learn How To Start Your Own Consulting Company
  • Learn To Make Money Testing Customers Website And Networks For Hackers, With Know Experience
  • Learn How To Sell Athletes, Entertainers, Attorneys, Federal Government As Well As Consumers
  • Learn How To Sell And Market To Global Companies And Government
  • How To Make Money In Hollywood
  • And A Lot More!


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