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Lock Picking For Beginners





Lock picking is an art. Some locks are easy to pick while some others need a lot of skill along with special tools and techniques.

Cyber Security Industry

Physical security is frequently overlooked in an organization. Their focus is typically on their network security and they spend large amounts of money verifying their external network presence is secure. 

Organizations spend millions of dollars on firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, network scanners, even staff members with certifications as a CEH or CISSP.  What if an attacker walks into the building and steal the organization’s sensitive data because of a open door or window.

Law Enforcement 

Why Law Enforcement and Private Investigators 


  • Welfare Checks
  • Building Searches
  • Opening Safes
  • Parole Searches
  • Arrest Warrant Service
  • Search Warrant Service
  • Vehicle Searches
  • Securing Businesses on Alarm Calls
  • Rescuing Children & Animals Locked in Vehicles
  • Vehicle Lockout Situations
  • Setting up Tactical Surveillance
  • Minimizes Disturbances in EOD Situations

This Training Is Perfect For..

  • Penetration Testers & White Hat Hackers 
  • Law Enforcement
  • Private Investigators & Private Security Team

Increase Your Worth!

This is a FREE online training webinar. At the end of the webinar you will have the option of receiving a Certificate Of Achievement in “Lock Picking For Beginners” with your name on it. You will have to take a online test that is based on the training you just received. If you score 90% or better, you will receive your Certificate within 48 hours. There is a $20 charge.
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