Prop A Includes $27,000,000 Million for New School Buses – Aldine ISD | #schoolsaftey

Replacement of aging school buses is a focus of a proposition in Aldine ISD’s $1.8 billion bond package on the November 7 ballot.

“Currently, over 48% of the AISD bus fleet is approaching or past its useful life,” said Germán Enamorado, the district’s executive director of transportation.

The $27,000,000 for bus replacement would be part of the $1,622,325,676 provided by Proposition A, one of three propositions in the bond package.

Other money from Proposition A would address aging buildings, upgrades for facilities and safety and security, including safety film, site fencing, and lighting and emergency generators as well as a designated AISD Police Department facility, and districtwide technology (Wi-Fi only) at all district schools, and the rebuild of the East Transportation facility.

Proposition B, for $$67,547,500, would fund student, teacher, and classroom devices in all grades and technology upgrades. Proposition C would provide $122,282,967 for a new performing arts center.

National-School-Bus-Safety-Week-1If Bond 2023’s propositions pass, Aldine ISD taxpayers will not see a tax rate increase for the next three years. The first increase would be in 2026; $5.25 per month over 10 years. With the state’s compression of $100,000 homestead and the bond passing, most AISD taxpayers would see a decrease in their overall district tax rate. Existing state law freezes property tax rates of homeowners 65 and older. Seniors who file their exemption will not have to pay any additional taxes associated with this bond.

Enamorado said a standard school bus ranges between $120,000 to $150,000. It’s about $12,000 more to add three-point shoulder/lap safety belts. Buses generally last from seven to 10 years. He said half of the current fleet of 490 buses is approaching or has exceeded that range.

The bond proposal would allocate funds to purchase 40 buses annually for five years to get back on a replacement schedule. The replaced vehicles would be a mixture of buses for general and special education uses and adding vehicles to its “white fleet” (i.e., trucks, vans).

Enamorado said the bond would provide over 200 new buses with seat belts, cameras, and smart tags.

School-Bus-Image-With-Children-Boarding-1Aldine ISD buses transport approximately 32,000 students (56% of the student population) who ride one of 490 buses yearly, traveling 4,916,221 miles on more than 330 routes in the 111-square-mile district. The district has nearly 58,000 students.

The district puts more than 4,400,00 miles on buses each year, transporting students for extracurricular activities. With AISD high schools classified as 6A in District 14, the teams travel within and outside Aldine for various competitions, from athletics to other UIL events. District buses are also used for field trips.

Early voting is currently going on and will run through November 3. Election Day is November 7.

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