Properly shredding old documents helps to reduce identity theft

Millions of Americans fall victim to identity theft each year. And your garbage can, could be a real goldmine for wannabe identity thieves.

That’s why Dothan’s SunSouth Bank invited the Wiregrass community to come out and their shred their sensitive documents today. People dropped off tons of old papers to have them properly disposed of by Assured Data Destruction. All discarded items will go back to their “Shred Center” where they’ll be shredded into a zillion pieces and eventually recycled.

Bank staffers and volunteers were on hand with tips on protecting yourself from identity theft. Organizers hope they’ve helped many people shred away their fears of identity theft.

A bonus – it was all free.

“It is so important to shred your documents and destroy that personal information so that no one else can get their hands on it,” said VP?Branch Manager Leila Smith. “It takes hours and days and weeks to clear up any problems that come from people dumpster diving or stealing your personal identity.”

Experts say some of the things you should always shred are expired credit cards, mail offers, old checks, receipts and anything else that has your personal information on it.


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