Protect Your Small Business with These Cyber Security Pro Tips

Small and mid-sized businesses are targeted by cyber-criminals more often than ever before. That is because automation makes it easy to attack them by the thousands, and many of them are easy targets because they don’t put up a good fight. It’s time to improve the defense.

Does the size of your company really matter to cyber-thieves? Well, maybe!

Security experts would agree that it is your digital data / documents that makes a business attractive, not the size – especially if it is your unprotected customer contact info, credit cards / Bank data, or your company assets saved on your computers/ online.”

The reality is that small and many mid-sized companies are more attractive targets because they tend to be less secure and because automation allows modern cyber thieves to mass produce attacks with little effort.

The criminals don’t care who they’re attacking, and while any given business isn’t worth multi-millions of dollars, they have fantastic tools, viruses and/or ransom-ware that allow them to attack thousands.

Do not make your business an easy target. Have your security defenses audited and back doors closed to prevent PCI-DSS audits by government officials. If you must comply with PCI-DSS, HIPPA, SOX, or GLBA… You better listen. You can lose your shirt if you get audited due to a breach on your network!!

Security vendor Kaspersky states that, “larger enterprises have become better defended so cybercriminals are moving down the business food chain.”

Why do you look attractive to criminals? Here are few reasons among many:

You don’t have IT budget / time and know-how to build security defenses.
You don’t have a security plan / information technology or security staff.
You don’t know the risks.
You lack of employee training regarding Cyber Security.
You fail to keep security defenses updated.
You outsource security to unqualified contractors who are not prepared for today’s advanced cyber attack tactics
You do not keep your software applications updated, install firewalls and keep your Security Guard up.

Cyber Security Pro Tips for Businesses to Improve Security

Update security software. This can frequently be automated. Also, there are vendors like us that will perform a free Security / system check.
Limit user’s access to your sensitive information.
Educate employees, especially about the risks of social media /mobile phones.
Use complex passwords.
Do not allow employees install software / applications on their PC’s or mobile phones freely.
Upgrade to network peripherals that have internal security features.


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