Protect Yourself from Card Fraud at ATMs and Gas Pumps

The Mt. Pleasant Police Department is looking through hours of surveillance video trying and find the person who put illegal card readers at a gas pump.

Two illegal card readers also known as skimmers were found inside the gas pump at BP across from Moultrie Middle School. At this time, no one has reported any missing money, but if you go to that gas station, you should check your account.

Inspector Chip Googe with the Mt. Pleasant Police pulled the skimmers out of evidence to show News 2. “This is a skimmer that will read your card information” he pointed out. “That was attached inside the gas machine on Coleman Boulevard.”

Illegal card readers are not the only thing that criminals can use to steal your bank information

“Sometimes they also put up a pin hole camera over the keys,” says Googe. “We didn’t find one in this instance, but that way they can record your pin number as you’re sticking it in as well.”

A microscopic camera he says only costs about $100 bucks or less and the card skimmers to go with it are also very easy to get.


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