Protection focus of cyber security conference

“Many criminal and adversaries use hacking techniques to do bad things, but at the same time many of the hackers that are here think we are a national resource and something to be cultivated, not feared,” Bryan Fite, organizer of the ninth-annual Day-Con Hacker Conference called “Day Con Nine 2015 // Nowhere to Hide,” told News Center 7 Reporter Rachel Murray on Thursday.

“The sensors ..and these automated systems the drones that are going to be with us now into the future,” Fite said. “We are going to have to cohabitate with the Internet of dangerous things.”

Fite, Matthias Luft with German cyber security company ERNW and other convention attendees say you can protect yourself and your online data by taking a few choice steps:

* Choose strong passwords,

* Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts,

* Don’t click on everything you get via email or instant message,

* Don’t click on attachments unless you are really sure it’s valid.


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