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PS Stars, or PlayStation Stars, is a free loyalty program for PS5 and PS4 which enables you to earn PS Store credit, free games, and Digital Collectibles. If you’re a PS Plus subscriber, then you’ll earn additional Points based on each PS Store purchase you make.

In this PS Stars guide, we’re going to explain all Campaigns and solutions and outline all Rewards and how to get them. Please note that, while our best efforts have been made to ensure this page is always accurate, PS Stars is an evolving program so some details may be subject to change. Additionally, there may be regional differences depending on where you live.

PS Stars Guide: All Campaigns and Solutions

In this part of our PS Stars guide, we’re going to introduce all Campaigns and solutions. Campaigns are time-limited objectives that can be completed in return for rewards, often Points or Digital Collectibles. Tasks may take on a variety of different roles, including playing a specific game, using a particular feature, or even participating in a tournament.

Below we’ve included a list of all Campaigns and solutions currently available in PS Stars. Where applicable, you can click on the name of a particular campaign for more information on how to solve it:

Campaign Description Reward Expiration Date
Fight of the Month Club Get into shape for EVO! The world’s biggest fighting game tournament takes places 4th-6th August. Start your own training montage and play any of the games below to claim your collectible. 8th August, 2023
Survival of the Fittest It’s battle royale time! Hop on the bus, plane or dropship, and make sure you’re the very last one standing. Play any one of the Battle Royale games below to get your collectible. Will you be the last one standing? 8th August, 2023
Multiplayer Mayhem It’s time to throw down and take the crown. Play any one of these online multiplayer games and score some points in the process. 9th August, 2023
PlayStation VR2 Showtime Ready for more reality-bending experiences? Grab your PSVR2 headset, secure your Sense controllers and dive into any of these games to get a points boost. 9th August, 2023
Unwind with PlayStation Favourite controller? Check. Oversized hoodie? Check. Emotional support water bottle? Double check. Come and relax with us by starting any of the cosy games below to get your collectible. 15th August, 2023
Hard Game Club: Dead Space One save, one life and a whole lot of necromorphs. Load that Plasma Cutter and survive Impossible Mode to make us whole again.
  • June Balloon | Hard Game Club 2023
15th August, 2023
A League of Your Own Nail those warm-up drills and listen to that crowd — they’re here for you. Compete in any of these popular sports titles and hoist your collectible high. You’ve earned it. 16th August, 2023
Press Start | Destiny 2: Season of the Deep The darkness of space is one thing. Vast. Empty. The darkness of the Deep is finite yet filled with mystery… and peril. Are you ready, Guardian? 22nd August, 2023
August Check-In Are you ready for the Buenos Aires International Tango Festival? Slip on your dancing shoes, grab some hot asado and play some games with us in celebration of passion, culture and dance.

  • Take a break from dancing to play any game on PS4 or PS5 for your collectible.
31st August, 2023
NBA 2K23 Game Time Hit the court in NBA 2K23 and complete all of the objectives below to get your collectible.

  • Play a MyTEAM Challenge game
  • Play a MyTEAM Clutch Time game
  • Play a MyTEAM Triple Threat game
  • Create a player with MyPLAYER Builder
  • Play a MyCAREER game
31st August, 2023
August PS5 Monthly Picks Games we’ve been enjoying and think you will too. Score points when you purchase any one of these amazing titles. 31st August, 2023
PS Plus Game Catalogue: Must-Play This Month Playing together on the sofa is the historical heart of multiplayer. We’ve curated a list of amazing sofa co-op games for you, so bagsy your favourite controller and play any one of these titles to score some points. 31st August, 2023
Your PlayStation Plus Monthly Games Await New month, new PlayStation Plus monthly games. Try any one of this month’s games for some points. 4th September, 2023
Survival of the Fittest Throw on your favourite skin, grab a friend and dive into the mayhem of battle royale! Play any one of the thrilling games below to get your collectible. 6th September, 2023
Fight of the Month Club The first rule of Fight of the Month Club is to be nice to cats. They’re cool little dudes. The second rule is to win. Play any one of the games below to claim your collectible. 6th September, 2023
Hard Game Club: Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Ready to become a master of deflecting? You’ll need to be, to overcome Lu Bu’s ferocious attacks and earn the “Mightiest of Men” trophy.
  • July Balloon | Hard Game Club 2023
15th September, 2023
PlayStation Underground Part II Miss the days of exciting PlayStation Underground discs, packed with new games to try? Free game demos and PS Plus Premium’s Game Trials are like a massive demo disc. Try any of the games below for your collectible. 30th September, 2023
Hard Game Club: Cuphead Golly gee! Those nefarious Cuphead bosses on Inkwell Isle 2 sure are being a pain in our saucers! Take down all five of them to earn the “A Day at the Fair” Trophy and this month’s Hard Game Club balloon.

  • Earn the A Day at the Fair Trophy in Cuphead
  • August Balloon | Hard Game Club 2023
15th October, 2023
Diablo IV: Hell Awaits Demon slayer, you are not prepared! Season 1 is here! Explore Sanctuary, delve into corrupted dungeons and fight for the fate of the world. You have our thanks. Now get back to Hell and crush Lilith’s forces. 31st October, 2023

PS Stars Guide: Rewards

For this section of our PS Stars guide, we’re going to focus on Rewards. As you continue to interact with Sony’s loyalty scheme, you’ll amass Points which can be exchanged for rewards. These rewards include PS Store credit, free games, and Digital Collectibles. You can earn Points by completing Campaigns and by purchasing games from the PS Store when you’re a PS Plus member

PS Stars Guide: FAQs

For the final section of our PS Stars guide, we’ll be answering any lingering questions you have about Sony’s loyalty scheme. This includes topics such as how to join, how much it costs, and how to get Points.

That concludes our PS Stars guide for now, but we’re committed to keeping this page up-to-date with all of the latest information on Sony’s loyalty scheme. Feel free to check back regularly for updates on campaigns, digital collectibles, and rewards. And if you’d like to know anything else about the program, let us know in the comments section below.


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