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PS3 Hacker Quits Twitter | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Prolific hacker George Hotz leaves his impromptu internship at Twitter with eight weeks left to spare and believes there was little for him to do.

George Hotz, the once famous PlayStation 3 hacker, has quit his Twitter internship after only a month on the job. Also known as geohot, the programmer previously agreed to a 12-week Twitter position following mass layoffs at the company, hoping to lend his expertise where applicable.

Elon Musk’s Twitter has been struggling since the billionaire took over in an uncharacteristically public manner thanks to his own tweets. George Hotz, a prolific hacker credited with jail-breaking iOS devices and breaking into the PlayStation 3, was invited to Twitter before a lot of the recent controversies arose. Back then, the company was dealing with the backlash to policy changes surrounding parody accounts, not long after Musk declared comedy to be legal on Twitter once more.


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Hotz took to the social media platform earlier this week to announce his resignation, citing that he “didn’t think there was any real impact I could make there.” He added that “it was sad to see my GitHub withering” and opted to return to his prior coding endeavors. The move came after Twitter had established controversial rules pertaining to cross promotion with competing social media sites. Shortly before Hotz left Twitter, the software engineer was caught hosting a couple of Spaces, a method by which users can have a live audio conversations on the platform. Musk was included as developers discussed Twitter’s code base and monetization options, questioning him in regard to the issues he faced, and that may have proved to be the final straw for Hotz.

One Space saw Musk continually flustered when attempting to describe Twitter’s infrastructure, calling a developer pressing him on what he meant a “jackass.” Josh Sawyer, Studio Design Director at Obsidian Entertainment and lead on the recently released Pentiment quote tweeted a clip that contained this behavior from Musk, writing that the programmers he had worked with could “*always* articulate problems at a high and low level.”

Sawyer continued, stating “it cannot be emphasized enough that this dude really has no idea what he’s doing,” and based on the critical acclaim that Pentiment has received, the Obsidian veteran certainly knows what he is talking about. As for Twitter, Musk recently held a poll on his account, asking followers and users of the platform is he should step down. Despite the result concluding in favor of him doing so, he is yet to leave or appoint a successor, and is still operating in the position.

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