Ps3/PSN Servers Down : Hacked By Anonymous : Official Anonymous Message [ Explained ]

::::::: READ THE DESCRIPTION :::::::: This is what Anonymous released from their website. It`s not mine but here`s the info. Watch my other videos for more information. Geohot- BASICALLY – Geohot created a hack for playstation and jail breaking his ps3 and he got sued by playstation it self. I don’t know if he won or not but now his team of hackers are getting revenge on playstation by taking over.. Anonymous laws attack on Sony. After Sony and PS3 hacker Geohot came to an agreement and the matter was out of the world, was the group Anonymous is blood on the tooth. Physical actions Now they threaten Sony with actions, and plan first and foremost to meet up outside and block the Sony-shops around the UK. The course encourages the masses in other countries to do the same outside their shops, and to boycott Sony products in addition to taking to the streets. At least now this coming weekend. More attacks? In a video that was posted on YouTube also notifies the new, massive attack on Sony, and these will be the biggest ever. Anonymous, however, now takes away from the attack that destroys the users directly, such as the alleged hacking of the PSP earlier this month. You can read the full report on this weekend’s action by Anonymous, here, and if you have self control enough to be able to see through the threat video without being embarrassed by humanity, is it here. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not Forget. Expect us. Our Website

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