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Public reminder about school bus safety | #schoolsaftey

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — When you see a school bus, and its red stop arm comes out, and its lights are flashing,  Maryann Rosario says that’s your cue as a driver to listen. 

“When you see that stop sign, pretend like your life depends on it because someone else’s does,” said Rosario, a bus driver with the East Stroudsburg Area School District. 

She says as buses get back on the roads this school year, people need to pay attention, and there are consequences if they don’t. 

Buses in Many districts, including East Stroudsburg Area, now have cameras. 

“They’re in a rush to go to work, or you have people who are already working that feel like they want to ignore that stop sign and the new laws that have been put in place, now you’ll get a summons in the mail if you eat that stop sign. You get points on your license if you eat that stop sign.”

School officials say drivers aren’t the only ones that should be paying attention at a school bus stop. Parents and their children should be, too.

“10 feet around the bus is a danger zone, so if you can’t see a child 10 feet around the bus, we’re in trouble. When your kid gets to a bus stop, make sure they’re 10 feet away from the bus,” Rosario said. “That they’re constantly making sure that they’re away when the bus is pulling and that they wait for signs from their bus driver to let them know when it’s safe to get on the bus as well as when they’re being dismissed.”

Rosario says the 10-foot rule isn’t just for children but for drivers. 

Under Pennsylvania’s School Bus Stopping Law, drivers must stop at least 10 feet away from school buses that have their red lights flashing and stop arm extended.

Drivers also have to stop if they are behind, next to, or are approaching a stopped bus. 

“You don’t want to risk hurting anybody because you chose not to pay attention to those lights that are on the bus,” Rosario said.  

If you are convicted of violating the School Bus Stopping laws, you could be fined, get points on your driving record, and even have your license suspended.

For more information about Pennsylvania’s School Bus Stopping Laws, click here. 

Check out WNEP’s YouTube channel.

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