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BANGKOK: People are being warned to remain vigilant against websites imitating the homepages of government agencies with the intent to steal sensitive data and carry out financial scams.

A screenshot shows a fraudulent website that was set up to intercept traffic to the actual Revenue Department homepage. Photo / image: Bangkok Post

Cybercriminals are hosting fake government websites to intercept people’s data or even hack into their mobile devices, deputy government spokeswoman Rachada Dhnadirek said yesterday (Aug 12).

Thai government website URLs only end in “.go.th” and not “.com”, she said.

She presented an example of one fraudulent website with the URL https://afdw7.com, where users are urged to perform a download. Its creators were attempting to intercept traffic to the actual Revenue Department homepage, www.rd.go.th, reports the Bangkok Post.

A fake Department of Special Investigation (DSI) website with the URL www.dsi-th.com was also pointed out. The page includes a link to download and install an application named “DSI Security System” that requires users to enter their personal information and receive a One-Time Passcode (OTP). The application itself begins siphoning user data upon installation and can even be used by its creators to take control of a user’s device.

The actual DSI website is www.dsi.go.th.

“Victims of these fake websites or any online financial scam may file a report with the Royal Thai Police’s Police Cyber Taskforce at thaipoliceonline.com and they will coordinate with the relevant police agencies to block any financial transactions and prepare further legal action,” Ms Rachada said.

All online crimes, including violations of the Computer Crimes Act, sexual offences or gambling may also be reported to the task force via the hotline 1441 and to the 08-1866-3000 call centre, which both operate 24 hours a day, she added.

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