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Cybersecurity Job Landscape in Aerospace, Defense, and Security Industry: Q4 2023 Analysis

In the final quarter of 2023, the aerospace, defense, and security industry underwent a pivotal shift in the dispersion of cybersecurity-related job opportunities. A dissection of the industry’s job landscape reveals an intriguing change in the demand for different types of roles.

Industry Sectors and Their Shifting Shares

Computer and Mathematical Occupations retained their stronghold in the industry, making up 36% of new job postings, despite a dip of 8% from the previous quarter. The data indicates a slight recalibration within the industry, yet it doesn’t undermine the sector’s enduring relevance. Following closely behind was the Management Occupations sector, accounting for 11% of the new postings. This sector saw a modest 1% uptick in job postings, suggesting a steady demand for leadership roles in the cybersecurity realm.

Other Sectors Making Their Mark

Other noteworthy sectors that made their mark included Architecture and Engineering Occupations, which held an 8% share, and Business and Financial Operations Occupations, securing a 6% slice of the new job postings. These figures underscore the multifaceted nature of the industry and the growing recognition of the role that diverse skillsets play in bolstering cybersecurity efforts.

Leading Companies in the Hiring Race

Unpacking the data further reveals the companies that spearheaded the hiring within the industry. Leidos, RTX, Rohde & Schwarz, Northrop Grumman, and Huntington Ingalls Industries were the top employers, collectively accounting for an impressive 44% of all new cybersecurity-related job postings. Their hiring spree paints a picture of the growing emphasis on cybersecurity within these industry giants.

Geographical Distribution of Opportunities

The United States continued to dominate the job market, accounting for 64.66% of the job postings, a fractional increase from 64.51% in the third quarter. Germany and the UK trailed behind, securing 9.97% and 7.95% of the job postings respectively. The geographical distribution of these opportunities mirrors the global cybersecurity landscape, with the United States leading the pack and other countries making considerable strides in their cybersecurity efforts.


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