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Qualys, a provider of cloud-based IT, security and compliance solutions, announced the introduction of its Managed Security Services Partner (MSSP) Portal. The initiative is part of an ongoing evolution to improve its partner management strategy. The new platform gives Qualys’ global MSSP partners a simpler way to manage client, subscription and security solutions improving operational efficiency and creating new revenue opportunities as well as enhancing margins.

Driven by organisations’ need to outsource their cybersecurity requirements to experts, there has been a significant increase in demand for MSSP services. The global MSSP industry is forecasted to surge to a value of $68.3 billion by 2028. This rapid growth has instigated intricacies in authentication procedures, licensing and user management practices for MSSPs and their clients alike. The newly introduced Qualys MSSP Portal seeks to address these complexities by delivering a simplified, holistic overview of all client accounts, licenses, and user roles. By simplifying the partner management process, this comprehensive platform enhances the overall security posture.

Talking about the impact of the Qualys MSSP Portal on their operations, Stoyan Neikov, EMEA VSS and VIS Implementation and Service Delivery Lead at DXC Technology noted, “Its advanced features have streamlined operations, particularly the single sign-on capabilities and user management tools. The significant efficiency improvements enable us to concentrate more on delivering value to our clients.”

The portal, currently adopted by nearly 50 partners, offers several advantages including enhanced user access experience, streamlined management, and increased efficiency due to automated workflows. Its single sign-on feature eradicates the need for partners to repeatedly enter credentials for different client accounts, simplifying the authentication process while adhering to strict security protocols.

The platform’s comprehensive dashboard amalgamates management of all partner and client activities, providing a clear view of security status and client interactions, the company shares. This feature aids swift and informed decision-making. Further, the portal enables improved efficiency by automating repetitive tasks across multiple subscriptions and interfaces.

Barb Huelskamp, senior vice-president, global channels and alliances at Qualys, emphasised the company’s commitment to facilitating an improved experience for partners. She said, “We are laser focused on building a world-class program that empowers our partners with the ability to reach out to existing and new clients, thereby enhancing their revenue opportunities. The new MSSP portal is a major step forward enabling partners to address present client requirements and expand operations for future challenges while ensuring optimal security and risk reduction for clients.”


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