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Queensland police officer Michael Newman says he is working to fight the increasing problem of cybercrime on a global scale.

Mike’s Churchill Fellowship will examine how Australian police could be better equipped to fight cybercrime by researching international best practice.

Cybercrime is an ever evolving and constantly growing problem in Australia. Cybercrime includes investment and relationship scams, identify theft, computer hacking, phishing and computer facilitated crime.

Tens of thousands of Australians are being deceived into giving money or personal details to cybercriminals every year.

“I am so honoured to have been selected by the Winston Churchill Trust as one of the 2023 Churchill Fellows,” said Mike when discussing his Fellowship. “I now have the opportunity to talk with policing agencies worldwide about their responses to cybercrime and the networks that support them,”

Mike is passionate about tackling Australia’s alarming cybercrime upswing and protecting the many unsuspecting Australians who are targeted by cybercriminals every day.

Australians are impacted by cybercrime on a daily basis. We see this with phishing scams, botnet activity, identity and monetary theft and other underhanded scams being carried out against unsuspecting people.

“The trust is honoured to facilitate such an important Fellowship and we are excited to see the tools that Mike brings home to help in Australia’s fight against cybercrime,” said Adam.

A member of the Evidence-Based Policing Hall of Fame, Mike is an advocate for employing research to inform police practice here in Australia.

Mike’s Fellowship facilitates this research on a broader scale, supporting international research with some of the world leaders in cybercrime prevention, detection and investigation.

“I believe that by combining our police experience with the use of valid scientific methods, we can foster innovation and professionalism in policing.” said Mike.

Mike’s Fellowship will involve travelling to the United Kingdom, Japan, parts of Europe, Singapore, the United States and Hong Kong.

Mike will be researching international policies, procedures and the best intelligence and investigative practices used by police agencies worldwide to deal with cybercrime.

Mike will also be exploring how police agencies can be supported with their fight against cybercrime by international organisations, academia and industry.

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