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Rajshree More reacts to Rakhi Sawant’s Instagram hacking allegations, says “She had used the same tactic with Ritesh and now it’s Adil’s turn” | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker


Rakhi Sawant

shared that Adil Khan Durrani,

Rajshree More and Sherlyn Chopra

had hacked her


handle with 10m followers and got disabled. She accused the three of


into her social media accounts. While addressing the media,


said, ” I am at

Oshiwara Police Station

, lodging a complaint against them. They are torturing me mentally and they hacked my 10 million followers’ Instagram account.”

Did Rakhi give me her Instagram ID and password to hack?: Rajshree


Rajshree More

held a press conference addressing Rakhi’s


that she made in her previous media interactions against her. Rajshree asks the media what all allegations Rakhi made about her. She said, “I want to ask Rakhi Sawant, how she shared her Instagram’s ID password with me, did she text me, or mail it to me how? It is a criminal offence to hack someone’s account. I wouldn’t do such a petty thing to her.”

Rakhi is using the same old tactic of Instagram: Rajshree

Rajshree then said that Rakhi is harassing her. She said, “She is mentally harassing me, she has defamed me. She wants to ruin my business and she has been threatening me constantly. Rakhi is doing the same thing that she did with Ritesh. She had used the same tactic of losing her Instagram account and accusing Ritesh of the same. Now, it’s Adil and my turn. Even at that time, her Instagram account had returned within 24 hours. Even this time it’s a tactic to give some masala to the media till she is away from the limelight.”

Rajshree on stealing Adil’s passport’s allegations

Rakhi had also accused Rajshree of stealing Adil’s passport, Rajshree clarified, “I have proof of Rakhi telling Adil that she doesn’t have his passport. How can she make such a baseless allegation to me that I stole his passport? I also have the recording where in a press conference she was rehearsing these lines with her lawyer that I had stolen Adil’s passport from her place.”


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