Ransomware gang reportedly steals data from California hospital | #ransomware | #cybercrime

Panorama City, Calif.-based Mission Community Hospital was infected by ransomware after hacker group RansomHouse exploited vulnerabilities in its Paragon and Cisco systems, reported June 4.

According to the website, RansomHouse listed on its leak site that it has 2.5 terabytes of the hospital’s data and provided some proof, along with a note: “Dear Mission Community Hospital Management, We strongly recommend you to contact us to prevent your confidential data or research data to be leaked or sold to a third party.” Rather than encrypting stolen files, the group reportedly just exfiltrates them and demands a ransom in exchange for deleting them and providing a security report, according to the story. reviewed a letter from Mission Community’s outside general counsel that it discovered the breach while investigating a May 1 network switch failure and has since rejected the threat actor. Mission Community Hospital and RansomHouse did not respond to’s requests for comment.

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