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Part of the leak is a publishing agreement between Marvel and Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Almost 2 terabytes of internal data from game studio Insomniac Games has been leaked on a darknet site by ransomware group Rhysida.

The group had initially threatened to publish the data on December 12th, and asked a ransom of $2 million for the entire data set.

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According to, the files were uploaded in three parts and seem to contain game data for the studio’s upcoming Wolverine game. The leak also has internal files for Spider-Man 2 and internal HR documents such as employment forms.

Part of the leak is a publishing agreement between Marvel and Sony Interactive Entertainment, that lists three upcoming games under the X-Men brand, Wolverine being one of them. It appears that the remaining titles have yet to be named.

According to the leak, Wolverine will be released no later than September 1, 2025, while the other two games have deadlines of December 31, 2029 and December 31, 2033.

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Speaking with, a Rhysida spokesperson confirmed the leaks and said they “knew”, “who they were attacking”. “We knew that developers making games like this would be an easy target,” the spokesperson added.

The hack itself provided no problems either. “We were able to get the domain administrator within 20–25 minutes of hacking the network,” the spokesperson told the publication.


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