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It is not uncommon for big companies like Sony and Apple to face a data breach by hackers. Although this is a huge issue, companies have seemed to learn to get around it with time. While each company takes precautions to keep its data safe, sometimes nothing can stop a hacker from breaking in. Hackers from a recent data breach have been creating mayhem in the industry and this time they claimed to have breached every system of the company.

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The band of ransomware hackers has been targeting corporate companies for data and demanding a hefty sum to keep the data confidential. One company that faced this breach was Sony but their actions did not please the hackers.

The Sony Ransomware breach


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Recently, the ransomware group declared their successful breach of Sony Group’s systems. They ceased demanding a ransom from Sony and instead threatened to sell the stolen data from the Japanese company. This threat stems from their assertion that Sony refused to pay the ransom they had demanded.

Hackers have not independently verified the claims at this time, and it remains unclear how substantial their breach of Sony’s systems is., a relatively new player in the ransomware landscape, has gained significant attention. They haven’t limited their targets to Sony and have attacked multiple victims in the past month.

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The group has posted evidence of their hack showing screenshots, a PowerPoint presentation, Java files, and a file tree with under 6,000 files. They set a “post date” of September 28 and plan to release the stolen data if no one buys it. Reporters have reached out to Sony for comment on the reported breach but are yet to hear from Sony’s end.

Other large-scale gaming company data breaches


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One of the most famous data breaches has to be the one in 2019, where a hacker leaked videos of GTA 6 features. The breach was made by attacking the Rockstar Games’ Slack server and Confluence wiki. The leaked videos revealed the game’s female playable character, Lucia, which took the community by storm.

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Another famous Ransomware attack happened in November 2020, where hackers targeted capcom and asked for ransom for their data. The hackers demanded 11 million dollars in Bitcoin to keep the information to themselves but Capcom chose not to pay. This resulted in the leak of the release schedules for Resident Evil and Street Fighter.


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Although data breaches are common when it comes to gaming companies, how they tackle them is what should be noted. While most companies don’t bother paying the ransom as all the leaks end up stirring media coverage, sometimes the hackers get the money and continue their way. Even though this practice is unethical and illegal, sometimes such leaks are all that keep the community going after waiting years to not get any update on a game.

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