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Sony is no stranger to having its private data leaked, sometimes to the detriment of its customers. The company may be in trouble again, as a group called claims to have compromised all of Sony’s systems.

The group also claims that Sony has refused to pay, and it is therefore attempting to sell the data it has retrieved. Despite the shady activities, is attempting to appear as a legitimate business that offers penetration testing and is compliant with GDPR and data privacy laws.

Cyber Security Connect first reported the story, and it claims that the group has been “operating since September, despite some links to previous forums and groups.” No price is given for the data, but there is a “post date” of September 28, which could be when the data is leaked.

According to Cyber Security Connect, some evidence is given but it is not particularly compelling. It features “screenshots of an internal log-in page, an internal PowerPoint presentation outlining test bench details, and a number of Java files.” Sony has yet to comment on any hacks or data compromises.

If Sony has been compromised, it won’t be the only gaming company to suddenly find its private matters in the public. Recently, through what seems like a bit of clumsiness on Microsoft’s part, plenty of Xbox’s plans were leaked.

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