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Ransomware attacks continue to rise, and the best defense against them is prevention readiness. Our Ransomware Readiness Assessment provides a threat intelligence briefing and evaluates your organization’s current ransomware incident response plan. With this information, we help you test your defenses to identify gaps and take action to prevent attacks.

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  • Increase readiness: Let our experts and threat intelligence data assess your current readiness and provide recommendations to improve defenses.
  • Identify early stages of an attack: Understand the early stages of ransomware activity—steps tactics, and IOCs—to prevent it from gaining a foothold in your environment.
  • Improve responsiveness: Test your response plan and identify security gaps. Our recommendations help you take the next steps to strengthen defenses.

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The Check Point team prepares for success with in-depth engagement planning, up to six weeks in advance of our onsite time. With a firm plan in hand, we’ll spend one day onsite, working with you to review and assess your security architecture.

Post-visit, our experts will analyze findings and present recommendations. This can take up to one week, depending on the complexity of your architecture.

Most relevant roles
Governance Risk and Compliance officers, CISO, Enterprise Security Architects

Ideal number of participants
5-15 Professionals

In Person & Virtual

Infinity Global Services

Check Point Infinity Global Services provides end-to-end security services that enables you to grow your team’s expertise, design best practices and prevent threats in real time. Wherever you are in your cybersecurity journey, we start there. Our elite experts will work together with your team to take your organization to the next level of protection and build your cyber resilience plan.


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