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Ransomware remains serious threat to businesses | #ransomware | #cybercrime

In the digital era, data are considered one of the most valuable assets of a business. When technology develops rapidly, institutions need to be more wary of ransomware attacks targeting businesses’ data. If businesses don’t have the right tools to fight ransomware, they risk having important information stolen.

A senior executive from Viettel Cyber Security (VCS) told VietNamNet that ransomware has become a worrying problem. The attacks of this type can cause considerable financial losses to businesses and organizations, as well as disrupt and trouble individual users.

CTO of NCS Vu Ngoc Son warned that ransomware attacks will continue in the time to come, so users need to prepare safe data backup solutions and use cybersecurity software capable of preventing data encryption to protect computers and servers.

Discussing the risk to institutions and enterprises from ransomware, Nguyen Gia Duc, Country Director of Fortinet Vietnam, cited a recent study as saying that 75 percent of institutions and businesses have detected ransomware attacks targeting their institutions; half of which became victims of groups of hackers. 

The Fortinet expert also pointed out that ransomware attacks do not have specific aims, but target anyone with an internet connection, including individuals, businesses and other entities. All individuals and institutions need to be sure their connection systems are reliable and are protected the right way.

“If a business is attacked but cannot handle the problem quickly, it may suffer extremely heavy losses, leading to serious consequences, such as operational disruption, business decline, and loss of images and reputation,” he warned.

Duc said businesses need to be vigilant, equipped with a methodical strategy to protect themselves and fight ransomware attacks. 

An overall and comprehensive strategy on information security, plus use of advanced technologies, alongside with training, are essential requirements for every business.

If businesses suffer from ransomware attacks, they should inform the cybersecurity management team or cybersecurity officer and request support from the internal Security Operations Center (SOC).

Depending on the characteristics and severity of the attacks, experts will guide them on what to do next. The most important thing is to minimize the scope of influence and understand the problem before responding.

Experts have suggested equipping business systems with the latest cybersecurity solutions, including EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response), and regularly conduct systematic patching.

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