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1) What qualifications/experience make you the best person to hold this position?

My degree in Mechanical Engineering, my 30 year career with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, and my time on the Roseland Board of Adjustments have all provided me the skills to become a creative and forward looking problem solver.

Now, as one of the newer members of the West Essex Board of Education (BOE), I have had to learn all of the ins and outs of district operations to address the pandemic; something that can take BOE members many years to fully comprehend. I have been able to apply this knowledge to help assist the BOE and the Administration where I serve on the following committees: Safety & Security, instrumental in constructing the re-opening plan for the 2020 school year; Finance, providing oversight for the school budget, where the most recent budget had no impact on Roseland’s Taxes; and Extracurriculars & Athletics, charged with developing the plan for students to safely participate in activities.

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2) What three things do you most want to accomplish if you are elected?

  1. As we begin to understand all of the variables of the pandemic, my main goal is making sure all of our decisions are taking into account the safety and health of our students and staff, working toward getting 100% of the population back in school.

  2. Second, I want to make sure that the BOE and the Administration are able to learn and grow based on the decisions that we made in response to the pandemic. This assessment would include how the District performed providing the right level of academics, managing the facilities to deal with pandemic, and providing the necessary guidance to the students and their families of the district.
  3. Finally, I believe that we must employ the same level of planning for extracurricular activities and athletics so that all students can continue to participate in them. I believe that a well-rounded student benefits from participating in the extracurricular activities and athletics of their choice in addition to what they’re learning in the classroom. It’s just as important that we’re able to get the parents, families and fans back in the seats watching these students participate in these activities.

3) What are the most important issues facing the school district and board?

  1. I believe there needs to be an ongoing academic evaluation of all the students in the High School, and Middle School. We need to ensure that all these students have comprehended the necessary skills, as they encountered a variety of different learning platforms during the pandemic.
  2. Maintaining open lines of communications with the administrations of the sending districts to ensure that incoming students are prepared for the middle school, especially as the models for learning during the pandemic are very different.

  3. Maintaining fiscal discipline to address the additional strain on funding caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  4. Developing, implementing, and supporting school policies that look toward the future to make sure we are meeting all of the needs of the district.

4) Feel free to include other information about yourself, although we encourage you to be brief.

Since moving to Roseland in 1977, I have volunteered and dedicated my time with a variety of activities that have benefited the children of our great community. I am a well-rounded individual who is ready to contribute to ensure that the correct policies are in place for all current and future students from Roseland, so they are able to achieve their educational, athletic, and professional goals.

Thank you for your continued support! Frank Perrotti


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