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Readers Respond to Lawmaker Rankings and Long-Lost Restaurants | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

Last week, WW resumed our biennial evaluations of Portland-area legislators, a tradition at the newspaper since 1977 (“The Good, the Bad and the Awful,” June 21). The rankings and anonymous commentary from Capitol insiders are typically devoured by lawmakers who describe themselves as disgusted by the low gossip. This year was no exception—although particular disgust was reserved for our publishing callous lobbyist appraisals of Rep. James Hieb (R-Canby)—one said his history of traumatic brain injury was evident but that his dedication to public service was admirable, while another called him a “village idiot.” Here’s what our readers had to say:

Rep. Jules Walters, via Twitter: “Some things from the ‘70s need to stay in the ‘70s.”

AGC, via wweek.com: “I wouldn’t expect anything less from WW than a totally biased list gushing for Democrats.”

OregonGal80, via wweek.com: “WOW. Dr. Dexter suffers from ‘from smart-doctor syndrome’ and Dr. Reynolds from ‘elitist entitlement.’ Both women doctors and both addressed like naughty know-it-all schoolgirls, yet two men, Rep. Pham and Rep. Helm, get comments about their coffee machine and pictures of fish. Jesus Christ. This world sucks. I’d rather have ‘too smart’ women doctors than a guy who fishes.”

Daniel C Hauser, via Twitter: “I declined to participate once again because it’s just gossipy garbage. The pandemic was such a good opportunity to let it die.”

Bag verbot, via wweek.com: “Calling a guy with a brain injury a ‘village idiot’ is a classless thing to do. I’m sure there were other quotes that aren’t so cruel. Even if you don’t like the guy, come on.”

Rep. James Hieb, on the House floor June 23: “It is utterly despicable to mock the brain injuries suffered by myself and other combat veterans who have bravely sacrificed their well-being in service to their country. Such behavior not only displays a profound lack of empathy, but also disregards the immense physical and emotional toll of those who have defended our nation’s freedom, values and liberties.”


I really enjoyed your article about the building that used to house the Organ Grinder restaurant [”Organ Donor,” WW, June 21]. I’m a native Portlander and I was a kid in the ‘70s. I have fond memories of that place. It was a kid’s paradise, especially since the parents of us Gen Xers took a more, let’s say…“relaxed” stance around child safety in those days.

I am attaching a picture that you might find amusing. I’m about age 5 or or so (1975 or ‘76 most likely) here, posing with a scary Santa and sitting amazingly close to a real, screaming chimp, and clearly loving every minute of it!

The ‘70s were a helluva time.

Lesa Pinker


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