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Readers sound off on George Santos, union workers and Russian hacking – New York Daily News | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Stamford, Conn.: Congressman-elect George Santos must satisfactorily explain the discrepancies in his résumé or withdraw before taking a seat as representative of his Queens/Long Island district. The latest revelation (”GOPer lied about Jewish kin fleeing Nazis: report,” Dec. 22) is bad enough. But pile that on top of his other whoppers and he has disqualified himself as a congressman.

Santos went far beyond typical political puffery. The concoctions he put out there go directly to the essence of his candidacy. His claimed educational background and work history have now been shown to be pure fantasy. His published personal background appears to be a creative stack of fabrications. He cited his founding of Friends of Pets United as proof of his philanthropic work despite the IRS having no record of tax-exempt status. His alleged history as a successful entrepreneur has been exposed as a sham. He even failed to disclose criminal charges for check fraud in Brazil.

Virtually every credential that Santos ran on is unverifiable. And now, his financial disclosure forms are under serious scrutiny, too. Santos has dodged any explanation for these lapses. Instead, following a typical partisan playbook, his team has dismissed his lies by attacking the reporting as a left-wing smear.

It appears from the record that Santos is an unabashed pathological liar who was elected under false pretenses. He cannot possibly represent his district effectively. His constituents deserve better. In the absence of a miraculous explanation, Santos needs to find another line of work. Peter Janoff

Chester, N.J.: There was a time when lying on your resumé was grounds for immediate dismissal. Now we live in times where lies don’t matter and facts are just opinions. I am a child of real Holocaust survivors (my mother made it to London on the Kindertransport and her brothers and sisters ended up everywhere from London to Israel to Shanghai; my dad ended up in Scotland but his 8-year-old brother did not make it out. None of their parents did, either). I don’t know what the laws are about recall elections, but as far as I am concerned, George Santos lied about his education, his businesses, his charities and his family. There is not much about him that appears to be true. Find the legal basis to send him home. Who would hire a liar like that? David J. Melvin

Brooklyn: The real joke about firefighter Marty P. Party kicking down and urinating in a Sukkot structure is that the NYPD gave him a pass on hate crime charges because he was drunk (“Firefighter desecrates Jewish hut: cops,” Dec. 24). Really, NYPD, you’ve never seen drunkenness and hate crimes go together? At a time when antisemitic hate crimes are on the rise, it really sends a terrible message to the Jewish community for the NYPD to determine that the destruction and desecration of a structure erected for a Jewish holiday was not a hate crime because, hey, the guy was drunk. I can’t help but wonder, would it have been different if Party (again, this is his actual name) wasn’t a firefighter? Our city needs the NYPD to step up in the face of a spike in antisemitic hate crimes, hold perpetrators accountable and not be covering for anyone because of some bro code. Katherine Raymond

Carle Place, L.I.: Re your article about the arrest of alleged inebriated miscreant Marty P. Party: This one is too easy to comment on. So, I’m not going to. Rudy Rosenberg

Cleveland: Re “Honoring NYPD vet, 102″ (Dec. 24): A lovely, heart-warming Christmas Eve story! But upon reading it, I couldn’t help thinking that with 14 family members in the NYPD, probably not one of them is aware of the city’s plan to put them all into a Medicare Advantage plan now or when they retire. What would they tell Mayor Adams if they knew? James Collins

Brooklyn: NYC has some of the best building engineers in Local 30 and Local 94. Our HVAC techs in Local 638 and electricians in Local 3 are some of the best in the country. Our union plumbers and union sheet metal workers can’t be beat. With all this talent, it is a disgrace that the city can’t fix the problems with NYCHA housing. We have the people. Let’s use them where it counts! Vito Labella

Bronx: Can someone please tell me what happened to the Parade magazine section that used to come in the Sunday paper? I haven’t gotten a copy in about a month. I used to love reading that section. Did The News stop printing it? I’m paying more for the paper through home delivery and getting less paper. Roberta Seidner

Bayside: Where is Mayor Adams? He seems to be constantly out of town. Children are killed on Staten Island, there’s a major storm and we again find out the mayor is staying somewhere out of town. I’m hoping that Curtis Sliwa runs again for mayor. He is the type of man who always cares about the citizens. Timothy Collins

Yonkers: Looks like Mayor Adams jumped ship and abandoned New Yorkers while his city was hit by Winter Storm Elliot. It’s not the first time. By now, the voters must have buyer’s remorse for voting for this con man who would fit right in with the three-card monte dealers in Times Square. He insists crime is dropping drastically and yet residents would rather stay locked in their homes like prisoners than risk walking the violent streets of NYC. Adams often points out that he was once a member of the NYPD, but he leaves the impression that he is a cop without a clue. Nicholas Maffei

Seaside Heights, N.J.: It is hard to imagine New Year’s Eve without Guy Lombardo and his orchestra, The Royal Canadians. In my opinion, Lombardo — “Mr. New Year’s Eve” — made “Auld Lang Syne” popular. Lombardo and his Royal Canadians had introduced the new year to us by performing “Auld Lang Syne,” and he did so for almost 50 years, from 1929 to 1976, almost a year before his death on Nov. 5, 1977. For those of us who remember Lombardo’s shows on New Year’s Eve, the celebration just isn’t the same without him. Guy Lombardo is sorely missed. Igor La Manna

Omaha: Remember the reservations that surfaced after Zach Wilson was drafted? Mainly, that the West Coast Conference that Brigham Young University was in had a lower level of talent compared to other conferences, and that may not lead to success in the NFL? Well? Tom Dahulick

Brooklyn: Re “Russians tied to JFK cab hack” (Dec. 21): The fact that Russian hackers compromised the taxi system at the airport shows just how criminally adept they can be at getting past our preventative measures and how prevalent their intrusions are. Although the Mueller Report was sanitized and ultimately neutered by Attorney General William Barr in his supposed summary to the American people, Robert Mueller never said that the Russians were not involved in a conspiracy to install Donald Trump as president. On the contrary, he condemned Trump’s praise of WikiLeaks, which released Democratic emails stolen by Russia. He also said of the Russian interference, “They are doing it as we sit here. And they expect to do it during the next campaign.” As we’ve seen since President Biden’s election, Trump and his cohorts have stopped at nothing in their attempt to continue Trump’s reign. Ed Temple

Bronx: In response to Voicer Tom Scott: Jan. 6 was not “nothing” more than a rally. It was a failed coup attempt. When they were responsible for the death of a Capitol Police officer and the injuries to others, it was not peaceful. It is not a rally when they have zip ties and are looking to go after the government leaders. It is not a rally when they went and wanted to hang the vice president. Mr. Scott, stop drinking the Trump Kool-Aid. Martin Sandok


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