THE technological breakthroughs of our twenty-first century have unfolded huge alternatives for untold wealth. But they’ve additionally unleashed new dangers for people, companies and international locations. To all intents and functions, the wars of the long run is probably not fought with armoured tanks, bomber airplane and heavy artillery; somewhat, they’ll be fought in our on-line world – on gleaming laptop displays.

The American strategic suppose tank, The Rand Corporation, defines cyber war as “the actions by a nation state or international organisation to attack and attempt to damage another nation’s computers or information networks through, for example, computer viruses or denial-of-service attacks”.

Cyber war and cyber crime cross in combination. In our day and age, the web has turn into a weapon, consistent with one commentator, “for harmful, unethical, and illegal purposes”. Examples of such illicit functions come with incitement and recruitment via terrorists, spreading of extremist ideologies, brainwashing, cyber bullying, and ‘malicious fake news’. The alleged interference via Russian shadowy cyber warriors within the contemporary U.S. presidential elections is a working example, despite the fact that the Kremlin has vehemently denied that its subterranean affect ensured electoral victory for Donald Trump on the expense of the unfairly demonised Hillary Clinton. The controversy has indubitably forged a pall of gloom over the legitimacy of the Trump management.

In April this 12 months, the so-called ‘Lazarus hackers’ originating from the rogue state of North Korea went on a spree of cyber assaults that affected banks and monetary establishments in additional than 18 international locations. According to the Russian cyber safety company, Kapersky, the international locations affected incorporated Nigeria, Spain, Russia, China, Taiwan, Poland, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand Costa Rica Gabon and the Philippines. North Korea, which has come below UN sanctions on account of its bellicose nuclear sabre-rattling, it appears hacks into banks to finance its nuclear ambitions. An unfortunate Bangladeshi financial institution used to be mentioned to have misplaced fairly a fortune. Luckily for us, there’s no proof that our Nigerian banks misplaced cash to the hackers in Pyongyang, however it’s transparent that their databases have been tempered with.

The newest wave of cyber war passed off ultimate week; broadly considered probably the most worst in additional than a decade, affecting over 130,000 methods in additional than 100 international locations. The hackers were traced to Russia which is claimed to have raised a legion of extremely professional and well-paid hackers whose activity is to salary propaganda battle in favour of the Kremlin whilst undermining enemy laptop methods. Russia has been below financial sanctions because of its forcible acquisition of the Crimea from Ukraine. Russia has spoke back via elevating a military of cyber warriors in its battle of survival.

Among the worst affected within the contemporary scourge is the venerable British National Health Service, NHS. Databases were compromised, with medical doctors resorting to handwritten clinical reviews whilst not able to get admission to clinical histories in their sufferers. Also affected are German rail community timetables, Spanish telecoms and fuel distribution methods, American Federal Express, FEDEX, deliveries and Chinese faculties, universities and analysis institutes.

The just right information ultimate weekend used to be 22-year previous British IT knowledgeable of blended African and English parentage by accident stumbled upon an set of rules that enabled him to sink the virus in a cyber black hollow in remote California. He had it appears noticed a loophole within the code that supposed he may just block the virus wreaking its havoc. But the risk is a long way from over.

Cyber terrorism, consistent with the U.S. Director of National Intelligence, stays the number 1 risk to nationwide safety, forward of Islamic terrorism and WMD. Hacking prices the American executive US$300 billion once a year. It has been reported that Facebook accounts enjoy some 600,000 hackings day by day. There is communicate at the present time of a Cyber Caliphate made up of extremist teams corresponding to ISIS, al-Qaeda and Boko Haram who avidly embody cyber war as a part of their arsenals of battle. If reality be informed, China, USA, Russia and different international powers aren’t averse to the use of cyber war when their essential nationwide pursuits are at stake. Sadly, there’s no efficient world governance structure to verify an orderly gadget for the unfastened and protected use of the worldwide data freeway.

In this chaotic universe, the query should be requested: How ready are we in Nigeria to deal with those rising dangers?

Nigerian web penetration is emerging exponentially, along with some 100 million subscribers on cell telephony. The youths who engaged in so-called “Yahoo Yahoo” actions a decade in the past have matured into subtle cyber criminals. In March 2015, Nigerian banks declared that that they had misplaced at least a staggering N199 billion to digital comparable fraud between 2000 and 2014. According to 1 knowledgeable, this used to be “mostly due to inappropriate and reckless management of customers… system hacking, e-mail bombing, diddling, viruses, spoofing and similar attacks…”

Our banks are in peril, as are establishments corresponding to CBN, NNPC and NCC. We want subsequently desire a tough cyber safety structure that may make certain that our databases are secure in opposition to long term enemy assaults. Through the nice places of work of the National Security Adviser, NSA, we wish to teach a brand new technology of safety operatives who’ve complete mastery of frontier wisdom in laptop science and cyber safety. The defense force and the police, customs and immigration services and products will have to be retrained and provided with cyber defence talents to offer protection to our nation and its treasures and property.

Ultimately, cyber war will have to be mainstreamed into entire gamut of our nationwide defence and safety equipment.


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