After recent hacks, Bossier City company talks cyber security

A Bossier City company is giving some advice to live by following the recent allegations of Russia hacking into the Presidential election to news of a Yahoo data breach that affected the personal information of one billion people.

The company called CRSA Cyber Security Center, says just because of the internet world that we live, you may not think you are a target but you are.

“It’s a matter of due diligence, said Wayne Maddock, CRSA Cyber Security Center Operations Manager. “Just like you wouldn’t trust the keys to your car to a stranger, you wouldn’t trust your password to anybody else,” he continued.

It starts with protecting your home computer. Making sure you are updating your operating system and applications to protect against malware.

You also need to change the passwords to your accounts at least once a year. Experts recommend every 6 months. Make sure you use different passwords for different accounts and they are something only you can figure out. Use special characters and numbers and dates that only you know.

A lot of times, hackers end up stealing e-mail addresses, home addresses, or phone numbers. When signing up for any account, limit the amount of data you give. Only give what is required for you to sign up for an account.

Just because you got a link to a coupon for 40 percent off at a store or an e-card from an old friend in your e-mail, don’t click that link unless you are sure it is secure. How will you know? Hover over the link and if it’s secure, it should start with “HTTPS”.

Most importantly, don’t think it couldn’t happen to you.

“They are in the business of data mining and looking to get how much information they can get on whatever entity it is, commercial or personal, and combining that with data repositories that they have been able to hack from over the last 10 years,” explained Maddock.

“It’s just going to take that one cyber hacker that wants to match that up with somebody you went to school with, somebody you do business with, somebody you wrote a check to 2 years ago, and you show up in their ledger of something they hacked before. One trail can lead to another,” said Maddock.

While you can’t stop every hack, at least you’ll be making it as hard as possible to get your information.


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