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Police officers detained Yacks on campus last week.
Courtesy | Snapchat

Hillsdale College Security banned registered sex offender Carey Charles Yacks from campus last week.

“There was no valid reason for Mr. Yacks to be on campus,” Director of Security and Emergency Management Joe Kellam said. “He walked onto campus and was harassing students.” 

Students called security with concerns about Yacks on the evening of Aug. 28, according to Kellam. Yacks, 48, is a registered sex offender, according to the Michigan Sex Offender Registry.

The City of Hillsdale Police Department helped remove Yacks from campus because he was intoxicated and argumentative, according to Kellam. A photograph posted to Snapchat appears to show security and police officers detaining Yacks.

If Yacks returns to campus, he will be trespassing on college property.

“We responded at the request of college security and a trespass warning was given,” Hillsdale Police Chief Scott Hephner said. 

Freshman Fran Mangravite said she was sitting with her mom on the steps of Christ Chapel working on her lease when she smelled marijuana and saw someone resembling Yacks close to 8 p.m.

“I thought he was giving weird vibes,” Mangravite said. “I was like, ‘He’s not a worker, he’s not a student, who is this guy?’”

Junior Carly Moran said she was there with friends close to the same time as Mangravite when she also saw someone resembling Yacks. 

“I felt like someone was behind me so I turned around, and there was a strange man playing a video on his phone,” she said. “He almost reminded me of Mr. Clean.”

Senior Lindsey Cool said she saw a man of a similar description near police cars in the driveway to the Mossey Library and the Grewcock Student Union. 

Yacks was convicted in Missouri for crimes involving children in 2007 and 2017, according to the Michigan Sex Offender Registry.

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