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For a safety-conscious buyer, it is important to consider the safest cars, or top safety-rated cars in India, when purchasing a vehicle. Today, we look at the Renault Kiger and Maruti Suzuki Brezza in terms of their safety aspects.

In this article, we will share

  • What a safety-conscious buyer looks for in a car
  • Renault Kiger vs Maruti Suzuki Brezza – an in-depth look at their safety features, ratings, and driver assistance features
  • How to pick the right car for you

How have these cars fared in crash tests, and how is their structural integrity? What features do they have to ensure driver, passenger and child safety? Read on.

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What a Safety-conscious Buyer Looks for in a Car

Here’s what a safety-conscious buyer should look for in a car:

  • Safety – What safety features does the car have? What is its safety rating?
  • Driver assistance – Does the car have features like parking camera, rear parking sensors, follow-me-home headlights, etc.
  • Space – Does the car have enough interior space?

A safety-conscious buyer prioritizes features that minimize risk and maximize protection on the road. The primary attributes include a high number of airbags, ABS, crash warning systems, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), and a good Global NCAP (GNCAP) rating, indicating a solid build and structural integrity. 

Other considerations in best cars with safety features are high-speed stability, traction control, rear parking sensors, fog lights, and a rear parking camera to assist in various driving scenarios. The assistance systems like lane-keeping assist, cornering headlamps, and cruise control also contribute to a safer driving experience.

Why Renault Kiger and Maruti Suzuki Brezza are Popular

Renault Kiger and Maruti Suzuki Brezza have gained popularity among safety-conscious buyers due to their robust safety feature offerings. The substantial safety features these models offer at competitive price points are often highlighted in reviews. 

Renault Kiger

Both models come with essential safety features like ABS, airbags, crash warning systems, and ESC. Maruti Suzuki Brezza goes a notch higher with a GNCAP rating, portraying a significant focus on safety.

Moreover, the availability of driver assistance systems like rear parking sensors, rear parking camera in some variants, and high-speed stability augments the safety quotient, making them viable choices for those who prioritize safety. 

Maruti Suzuki Brezza

Furthermore, both models offer good ground clearance, enhancing the vehicle’s stability and handling, especially on challenging Indian roads. Additionally, the high-speed stability attribute of these cars ensures that the driver maintains control at higher speeds, which is crucial for preventing accidents. 

The clear visibility provided by these cars alongside day/night IRVM, also adds to the safety, ensuring the driver has a clear view of the road and surroundings at all times.

Renault Kiger and Maruti Suzuki Brezza Variants Shortlist in Rs 9-10 Lakh Range

For Maruti Suzuki Brezza, we have:

Variant Price (INR) as on 28 September 2023
Vxi ₹964,000

For Renault Kiger, we have:

Variant Price (INR) as on 28 September 2023
RXZ AMT DT ₹958,000
RXZ Turbo ₹1,000,000

Maruti Suzuki Brezza Vxi

The Maruti Suzuki Brezza Vxi, priced at INR 9,64,000, offers a well-rounded safety package. This variant comes with 2 airbags, ABS, crash warning, ESC, and the unique feature of a GNCAP rating. This rating, along with the day/night IRVM and fog lights, makes this variant a good choice for safety-conscious buyers. 

The inclusion of ‘Follow me home’ headlights provides an added safety measure during night time. If you’re a family-focused car buyer, you can read our comparison of the Brezza with Maruti Suzuki Ciaz.

Maruti Suzuki Brezza

Renault Kiger RXZ AMT DT

Renault Kiger RXZ AMT DT, priced at INR 9,58,000, ups the ante with 4 airbags, ABS, crash warning, and a stable high-speed stability feature. Although it lacks a GNCAP rating, it compensates with rear parking sensors, rear parking camera, and the extra airbags. 

The presence of LED headlights provides better nighttime visibility compared to halogen lights, enhancing safety. If you’re a budget-conscious car buyer, you can read our guide to the best Kiger variants for you.

Renault Kiger

Renault Kiger RXZ Turbo

The Renault Kiger RXZ Turbo, priced at INR 10,00,000, mirrors the safety features of RXZ AMT DT but adds on with cruise control which can significantly reduce driver fatigue on long drives, thus indirectly enhancing safety. 

The enhanced performance due to the turbo engine might appeal to some buyers, but it doesn’t directly contribute to safety. If you’re style-conscious but have a budget, you can read our guide to the best Kiger variants for you.


Renault Kiger

Our Pick for the Best Variant among Renault Kiger and Maruti Suzuki Brezza for Safety-conscious Buyers

Given the updated information with a GNCAP rating of 4 for both the Maruti Suzuki Brezza Vxi and the Renault Kiger variants, the decision leans slightly towards the Renault Kiger RXZ AMT DT and Renault Kiger RXZ Turbo due to their additional safety features. 

Both these variants house 4 airbags as opposed to 2 in the Brezza Vxi, providing better occupant protection in case of a collision. Additionally, they come with rear parking sensors and a rear parking camera which are essential features for avoiding minor accidents while parking.

The Maruti Suzuki Brezza Vxi, although equipped with essential safety features like ABS, crash warning, and ESC, falls short on the number of airbags, a crucial aspect of vehicular safety. Even though all three variants now share a good GNCAP rating, the additional airbags in the Renault Kiger variants provide them an edge in the safety department.

The 3 Variants Ranked

  1. Renault Kiger RXZ AMT DT
  2. Renault Kiger RXZ Turbo
  3. Maruti Suzuki Brezza Vxi
Attributes Maruti Suzuki Brezza Vxi Renault Kiger RXZ AMT DT Renault Kiger RXZ Turbo
ABS Yes Yes Yes
Airbags 2 4 4
Crash Warning Yes Yes Yes
ESC Yes No No
GNCAP Rating 4 4 4
Rear Sensors Yes Yes Yes

How to Pick the Right Car for You

  • With the updated GNCAP rating of 4 for all three variants, the balance tilts towards the Renault Kiger variants due to the additional airbags, which significantly enhance occupant safety during collisions. The Renault Kiger RXZ Turbo adds a layer of comfort with cruise control, indirectly aiding safety on long journeys by reducing driver fatigue.
  • The Brezza Vxi, while having a competitive GNCAP rating and essential safety features, lacks in the airbag count which is a vital safety aspect.

These three variants exhibit a strong commitment to safety, providing a balanced mix of essential safety features. 

If you’re interested in reading more such face-to-face comparisons of popular car variants, head over to our Buying Advice section.


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