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Renowned Journalist Peter Ford Falls Victim to Hacking: Celebrity Secrets at Risk

In a troubling violation of privacy, esteemed Australian showbiz journalist, Peter Ford, fell prey to a cyber-attack that compromised his email and social media accounts. Known for his regular appearances on Channel Seven’s The Morning Show, Ford’s predicament has sparked concern that confidential conversations with a host of prominent Australian media figures may be publicly disclosed.

Hacking: A Journalist’s Nightmare

Ford described the cyber intrusion as his ‘worst nightmare,’ indicating the gravity of the situation. In addition to losing access to his accounts, the hack threatens to reveal hundreds, potentially thousands, of private Twitter direct messages (DMs) from celebrities. Figures like the late cricket icon Shane Warne, notorious for his social media interactions with women, are among those whose messages could be unveiled. The potential exposure of such correspondence could spark a media scandal.

At-Risk Correspondence

The hack could potentially expose more than just Warne’s communications. Ford’s interactions with other celebrities, such as Daryl Somers, Lisa Wilkinson, and Derryn Hinch, are also at risk. Notably, Ford also lost messages from late American comedian, Joan Rivers, which could hold significant historical and personal value.

Ford’s Varying Celebrity Ties

Ford’s relationships with celebrities span the spectrum from friendly to confrontational. He shared amicable relations with celebrities like Priscilla Presley and Lady Colin Campbell. At the same time, he has had public disagreements with figures like Lisa Wilkinson, whom he has openly criticised on various occasions. The pending data leak could potentially unveil the private dealings and thoughts of these celebrities, casting long shadows on the Australian media landscape.


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