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California’s residents collectively lost over $1 billion in 2021 to scams, according to the FBI’s State of Internet Scams 2021. 

A study by Social Catfish, an online dating investigation service based in California, looked at the report and found it’s nearly double the amount of money that was lost in 2020. According to the report, the average victim in California lost $18,000. 

The amount of money lost is twice as much as the next most-scammed state. Texas lost just a little over $600 million to scams in 2021. The other top states were New York, Florida and Pennsylvania, which lost almost $560 million, $530 million and $210 million, respectively.

Although Texas residents lost the second most money to scams, the state ranked third in the number of victims. 

California was ranked first with 67,095 victims, Florida with 45,855, Texas with 41,148, New York with 29,065 and Illinois with 17,999. 

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