Report: Symantec to Acquire Tech Rights of Boeing’s Cybersecurity Business Narus

Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC) has agreed to purchase technology rights from Boeing‘s (NYSE: BA) Narus subsidiary as Symantec looks to grow its presence in the commercial cybersecurity market, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

Danny Yadron and Doug Cameron write Symantec aims to leverage a Narus-made Internet filter technology to help businesses guard their systems against cyber crime.

Amit Mital, chief technology officer at Symantec, told WSJ the company would also enlist Narus computer engineers to analyze a threat database and build algorithmic tools for identifying hackers.

Boeing plans to continue working with military and government clients to help them protect their cyber-dependent infrastructure.

The National Security Agency has used Narus’ software for network surveillance, according to the newspaper.