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Republican Sexual Predators, Abusers, and Enablers Pt. 52 | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

This is the 52md installment in the list of Republican sexual predators, abusers, and enablers who contribute to rape culture. These are people who abused their power or defended the abuse of power. These are not folks caught in consensual scandals such as being gay, having an affair, being polyamorous, inviting multiple sex partners into their marriage, or soliciting adult sex workers, unless they are trafficked against their will. They may be hypocrites, but they are not predators.

  • 1277  Dan Rodimer, a GOP House candidate, has been charged with murder after killing someone in a brawl. He’s been involved in at least three other brawls in the past.
  • 1278  Dennis Coggins, the Mayor of Hoxie, Arkansas, has been sued for sexual harassment – pressuring her for sex as she tried to rent a house from him. He forced an embrace on her repeatedly and constantly asked for sex in return for rent and utility discounts that she refused.

  • 1279  Les Stapleton, Mayor of Prestonburg, KY, resigned shortly after being sued for sexual harassment and sexual assault of a city employee – but he said did not resign because of it.

  • 1280  William Keith Dodd, a pastor in Kansas, pled no contest to raping a child under the age of fourteen.
  • 1288  Tifany Adams, Chair of Cimarron County Republican Party in Oklahoma was charged with kidnapping and murdering two women, one was the mother of her grandchildren.
  • 1289  Jesse Law, Clark County (NV) GOP County Chair, was arrested on suspicion of domestic battery. The DA declined to prosecute.

  • 1290  Brian Ormes, a Kentucky primary candidate for state house, was arrested for strangulation of a minor after his kid was almost struck by a ball at Walmart.

  • 1291  Solomon Peña, failed NM state house candidate, has been arrested in murder for hire effort to get rid of witnesses to his upcoming trial for hiring people to shoot at Democratic Party candidate homes.

  • 1292  Robert Lookingbill, Thurmond MD Town Commissioner, was arrested for sexual abusing a child

  • 1293  Zack Scrivner, Kern County Supervisor (CA) and Kevin McCarthy protege, is being investigated for sexual assault of his daughter after one of his other children stabbed him in the chest to defend her.

  • 1294  NH State Rep. Jess Edwards fought to retain child marriage, thinking if they were of “ripe and fertile age” they should be able to be married.

  • 1295  David Love, Kentucky retired police officer and member of Patriots Guard Riders was arrested, charged with raping 13-year-old
  • 1296  Bill Halle, Butler school board member and founder of the Patriot Party, a PA GOP extremist offshoot, charged with  grooming, sexual assault, corruption of minor
  • 1297  Seth Waxman, Mason, MI VP of Planning Commission, arrested for soliciting a minor.

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