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Knowing the tools and resources available for cybersecurity is crucial.   February 15, 2024

By Jeff Wardon, Jr., Assistant Editor

Cybersecurity is a hot issue in facilities management, as many organizations are flanked by seemingly endless cyberattacks and breaches. Given this, mounting a sound and solid cyber defense is vital to weathering these onslaughts. This requires facility managers to be aware of the cybersecurity tools and training available to them. 

In this video, Facilities Net interviews Maureen Roskoski, vice president of FEA and a Building Operating Management Facility Influencer, about the available resources for cybersecurity in facilities management. One key thing to note is that if facility managers are to receive training on cybersecurity, their training must be specialized to what they are knowledgeable about. From that point, there are resources available through the General Services Administration (GSA) for facilities managers to use for cybersecurity training.  

Key Takeaways: 

  • There is a need for cybersecurity training focused on facilities management (0:35) 
  • There is focus from a federal level on control system training that is vendor specific or using the system efficiently (1:35) 
  • There are resources available from the GSA (2:23) 

Related resources: 

  • The Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act (FBPTA) program developed a competency model for the facilities workforce that includes cybersecurity competencies. That model and other facilities cybersecurity resources can be found here: Train – GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool 

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Jeff Wardon, Jr. is the assistant editor for the facilities market. 


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