Reuters website hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

The Syrian Electronic Army hackers loyal to Syrian President Bahar Ul Assad reportedly hacked Reuters (, the International news organization.

Earlier today, anyone trying to visit Reuters website was redirected to Syrian Electronic Army’s official website with a message.

‘’Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army! Stop publishing fake reports and false articles about Syria. UK government is supporting the terrorists in Syria to destroy it, Stop spreading its propaganda.’’

According to a conversation with a member of SEA, I was told that Reuter’s website wasn’t directly hacked in this attack. Instead, Taboola a third-party ad provider -which is used by Reuters to display adverts was actually compromised.


This is not the first time when SEA has hacked a third party service to harm main party. Last week The Sunday Time’s website was also redirected to their own website.

In 2013, hackers managed to hack Outbrain and redirect WashingtonPost and CNN’s website to

At the time of publishing this article, the Reuters website was working without any redirection.

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