RFK Jr. bizarrely defends Jeffrey Epstein meetings by listing other “sexual predators” he met | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., on Wednesday gave a bizarre answer when asked about flying on convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane.

Comedian Andrew Schulz during a podcast asked Kennedy about his meetings with Epstein, on whose plane he flew twice.

Kennedy said that as a New York resident, he would “run into everybody.”

“I mean, I knew Harvey Weinstein. I knew Roger Ailes. I knew—OJ Simpson came to my house. Bill Cosby came to my house,” Kennedy continued.

Weinstein, a longtime Hollywood mogul, was convicted of rape. Ailes was ousted as the head of Fox News after former anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. Simpson, who was acquitted in a double murder case, later served a nine-year sentence for armed robbery and kidnapping. Cosby was serving a three- to 10-year sentence for sexual assault before a court overturned his conviction in 2021.

Kennedy’s bizarre response sparked a lot of attention on social media. 

“Quite a guest list!” tweeted CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“This somehow keeps getting worse with every single word that he says,” tweeted political commentator Brian Tyler Cohen.

“’I hosted sexual predators in my house,’ isn’t the flex you think it is,” wrote Joshua Eakle, the founder of Project Liberal.

“Kudos to RFK Jr for name dropping Epstein, Weinstein, OJ, Bill Cosby, and Roger Ailes in one sentence. Where’s Ted Bundy?” quipped Dan Pfeiffer, a former Obama administration adviser and “Pod Save America” co-host.

Schulz during the interview interjected to ask, “You also knew good people, right?”

“I did know a lot of them,” Kennedy replied. “But you don’t know these people are swamp creatures until all this stuff comes out.”

Kennedy went on to compare Epstein’s plane to that of Donald Trump and claimed Epstein essentially admitted to financial crimes when they first met.

“I did see creepiness immediately,” Kennedy said of Epstein.

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