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Threat Overview – Rhysida

Enter the world of Rhysida Ransomware: A deep dive into one of the most formidable advanced persistent threats (APTs) to date. Using a unique cryptographic approach, it employs a combination of a 4096-bit RSA key and the ChaCha20 algorithm. This strategy makes it stand out in its ability to encrypt and sequester vast data volumes, posing substantial challenges for even the most experienced IT specialists.

Campaign Overview

Since its discovery in May 2023, Rhysida Ransomware’s campaign has shown a discerning targeting matrix, reaching sectors from manufacturing to governmental infrastructures. The threat actors behind the threat maintain a robust operational security (OpSec), but they’ve also exhibited a flair for deception. Known to impersonate a “cyber-security team”, operators have a dual threat strategy: feigning network compromise alerts and presenting deceptive solution offers, while concurrently threatening data exfiltration and public disclosure.

Technical Details

Breaking down the inner workings of Rhysida:

  • Encryption Mechanism: The malware distinguishes itself with its encryption mechanics. The utilization of a 4096-bit RSA key paired with the ChaCha20 algorithm results in a signature “.rhysida” file extension transformation.
  • Ingress Technique: Spear-phishing remains Rhysida’s dominant initial access vector. Upon successful entry, Rhysida operators deploy tools like Cobalt Strike and PsExec to facilitate lateral movement, amplifying the ransomware’s reach within the network.
  • Operational Tactics: In its playbook, PowerShell scripts play a pivotal role. These scripts are designed to nullify AV processes and decimate Volume Shadow Copy services. This meticulously crafted strategy culminates in the ransomware’s execution, sealing the data lockdown.

Taking Action Against Rhysida

Combatting this malware requires a blend of vigilant threat hunting and agile threat intelligence. Cyborg Security’s HUNTER Platform is tailored for challenges like Rhysida, offering an array of threat hunting packages.

Haven’t delved into HUNTER yet? Explore our community and access a plethora of resources designed to thwart Rhysida threats.


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