Riley Repko – Enough Cyber Talk Already! Help Get this Collaboration Engine Running!

With the Private-sector “owning” the intellectual capital for the cyber domain, one key issue is how can we extend the reach of the military’s arm to leverage our requirements process, the awareness to existing or the ‘art of the possible’ cyber capabilities, and finally, ‘non-standard’ models in acquisition of cyber services? How do we capture/manage cyber cross-domain capabilities to “what’s out there” in the private sector that are mutually beneficial to both the military operator and innovative company–in real-time (when necessary)? Finally, how do we incentivize your participation to ‘wanna’ play?!

Riley Repko is Senior Adviser, Cyber Operations and Transformation, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Plans and Requirements, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C. He is responsible for leveraging existing cyber programs and policies and developing new transformational strategies paramount to supporting the CSAF-directed priorities in air, space and cyber operations. He serves as a functional expert collaborating with Department of Defense, federal government organizations and private industry on how to effectively integrate cyber capabilities with current operational forces within the Air Force. He establishes and maintains essential relationships, specific lines of communication and critical processes that ensure continued success across the entire Air Force operational enterprise. Mr. Repko is a Highly Qualified Expert who will serve in this assignment for three years.

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