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Road safety key for back to school | #schoolsaftey

ROAD SAFETY: Motorists are being reminded to keep safety at front of mind as children go back to school. Picture: SAPOL.

MOTORISTS are being urged to be vigilant on the roads as students head back to school around the state.

Both South Australia Police and RAA have reminded people to keep an eye out for young pedestrians during the first week back after school holidays.

As a way to make sure motorists do the right thing, SAPOL has announced it will be running a two-day road safety operation to start off the school week.

Officer in charge of traffic support branch Superintendent Darren Fielke said there will be a lot of police visibility in school zones.

“As families get back into a routine and return to school, police will continue to target drivers who speed, fail to belt-up, take illicit drugs before driving or make other poor decisions which can put other road users at unnecessary risk,“ Supt Fielke said.

“We continue to randomly test drivers for drugs and alcohol, even around schools, so our message is simple: Do not drug or drink drive.

“Roads will be busy, so remember to stay patient, reduce your speed to 25k/h in school zones and allow a bit of extra time during school runs.”

Supt Fielke encouraged members of the community to contact police immediately if they see anyone driving dangerously, especially near a school.

RAA senior manager of safety Charles Mountain said drivers need to stay alert with increased numbers of school children on footpaths and in bike lanes.

“It’s the responsibility of drivers and riders to look out for children around schools and on nearby roads and motorists should regularly check all mirrors and blind spots – it may just save a life” Mr Mountain said.

“Motorists should take extra care around school zones.

“Children are some of our most precious and vulnerable road users, and we all need to look out for them whether they’re being dropped off, riding or walking to school.”

Mr Mountain said there were a number of basic actions motorists could take to ensure they kept young pedestrians safe around school zones.

“As a driver you must give way to any cyclists and pedestrians that may be about to cross the road that you’re turning into,” he said.

“Also, watch out for mid-block pedestrian crossings on major roads which will be activated more frequently particularly in the morning and afternoon as children and parents travel to and from school.

“Be prepared to stop when the lights change to yellow as long as it is safe to do so to help keep our children and all road users safe.”

Mr Mountain also reminded drivers to make sure they had their headlights on to maximise visibility in wintery conditions.

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